Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spicy Food

Mahilig ka ba sa maanghang? As in super anghang?

Growing up, I was never a fan of spicy food. It was just plain torture to the tongue... But after a while, I was looking for it. But not the super spicy food.

There are some spicy food I can tolerate. Of course Wasabi is the easiest since it's just a momentary spice. But let me list down what I can handle.

1. Buffalo Wings from Chili's, Friday's, and Buffalo Wings and Things.
2. KFC's Zinger and Hot & Crispy Chicken
3. Tom yum soup, to some extent
4. Kebab
5. Spicy Tuna salad from Sumo Sam, Sugi, and Omakase.

But I found a new spicy goodness in another restaurant called TORO (The Fort, 4th Ave cor 26th, back of the MINI Cooper showroom) This was in the form of their signature Volcano Roll.

Now this one was SPICY! It was a isuhpaysee meatahballah! It's your sushi roll with salmon and tempura batter bits with this sweetish/spicy mayo. Man, it burned my mouth! Be sure to have softdrinks! But I kinda liked it! No, I really did like it!

Ask me to eat a whole piece of sili? PASS!

I'll only look for spicy food when I crave for the 5 things I listed. But apart from that, pass...

What about you? :)


innow said...

uhmm. no, thanks! can't handle spicy foods. haha! more of foodtrips sir! :)

Ren Sunglao said...

I really smile when I see your food logs ^_____^ It makes me wanna teleport to the place and order immediately! Anyway, since I'am always a Japanese and Korean cuisine-enthusiast, I always wanted to try a variety of spicy food PLUS the company of my glass of milk-- it totally washes away the burning taste off the tongue. =)

preciosa said...

Great! I think I would like to try this soon.. :) Thanks for sharing this spicy goodness!