Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cinema Courtesy: No commentary please

Today I watched Super 8. I could have enjoyed it 100% but nope. I didn't enjoy it fully. The movie was excellent and awesome don't get me wrong. It was the people in the back. There was a group of guys who kept on making side comments. I could hear every word... Ugh... I HATE SIDE COMMENTARY! Jonty had a much horrifying time as he was nearer the "commentators". Misha didn't like it as well. 

I'm not the type of person who would look back and talk to them. I'm not confrontational. But if that were a Spider-Man movie... You better pray I'm not in front of you...

Anyway, to those who say a lot of side comments in movies. Please, just keep quiet... Or at least whisper? It's common courtesy to the people around you. If we did like commentary, we would have just bought a frikkin DVD... 

Sigh... There, I had to let that out. So please, when you're in the cinemas, be courteous to whisper when you give comments. 

Because of this, the "premiere" cinemas like Eastwood's Ultra 7 is so tempting. It's a small price to pay for peace and quiet.

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JENNiFER said...

Hi, I had the same experience with my friend when we watched I Am Number Four in Robinsons Galleria. We tried to talk to them when we got out of the cinema, but they told us na it's their right to make comments about the film. We were so annoyed at them. I can believe such walang modo people exist :(