Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Trivia and not really important things

I've been playing this new app called IconPopQuiz and it's pretty addicting. My friends at work have been playing it too apparently and they ask me for the answers. I have this weird talent of remembering lines from movies, knowing logos, basically not really important things. I'm a self-confessed geek and I remember those things. Give me a line from a movie and more or less I'll be able to answer it. It just sticks to me. People find it either weird or cool. It's the former that I think  that is more often.

In teambuildings, when it's trivia time, "Bahala na si Jiggy diyan" is what they say. It's the only time I feel like the go-to guy when it comes to competition. Sports? Never happened. 

I've never joined a Quiz Night before but it would be interesting to test my memory. Movies, Comics, a bit of TV and music, a bit of the NBA/MLB/NFL, I'll be able to manage. But if it were match the movie to the actor and the line, I'm gonna nail that! 

If you know a Quiz Night in Metro Manila, comment here and let me know! I heard of this Geek Fight Night before and I was determined to form the greatest Pinoy geek team ever assembled. Kinda like Scott Summers and the Extinction Team. (That's reference to comics by the way)

So that's 2/2 in January! I'm off to a good start posting huh?

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sojournersol said...

If you get a chance to Come to Cebu City, then make it a point to be here on Wednesday night so you can be art of the Cebu Trivia Night at Alejandro's. You get to test your wits and at the same time enjoy the best crispy pata in town.