Friday, January 4, 2013

Shawarma Bros Food Truck

Did you ever watch The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network? I thought the concept of the food truck was clever. 

Today, I went to the Food Truck Market that opened recently in Glorietta 3 Park. That's across Makati Shang. It's open from Friday to Sunday 4pm to 3am. 

So anyway, I research online and I see Shawarma Bros. Mind you it's not "brothers" it's "BROs". I actually know 3 of the owners of the new food truck and I had to taste their creation. Rammy De Claro and his friends are a batch lower than me and they're actually all pretty cool bros. I asked him what to get and he said to get the Lamb Shawarma. (They serve Lamb, Beef, and Chicken) It comes with rice, tomatoes, onions and their secret Garlic Yogurt sauce and Chili Cheese sauce. I tried it and I had to go back to Rammy to say whole heartedly that it was really really good. LEGIT! I didn't tell him this but it's something The Avengers would go back to all the time. Shawarma? GO TO SHAWARMA BROS.

Photo taken from Shawarma Bros Facebook Page

Rammy serving customers

I read the mission of Shawarma Bros at the side of the truck while waiting and it was actually their love of Shawarma that made them move forward with their concept. They've tried so many already and they got all those learnings and came up with their own. What I liked is that they welcome you to their "broderhood" and everyone who goes to Shawarma Bros will be treated like a Bro.

If you love Shawarma, better go to Cucina Andare, the Food Truck Market and try the food from Shawarma Bros because it's LEGIT! Awesome awesome food!

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