Friday, January 11, 2013


I watched How I Met Your Mother a lot before. Past season 5 or 6, it kinda got boring. The show still didn't reveal "THE MOTHER" and I don't think we'll meet her in Season 8. 

Anyway, I watched another episode today and it's one of those back to back episodes. It was when Barney proposed to Robin. I seriously got pissed. I was affected. Seasons back, when Robin and Barney kissed, it was really a WTF WTH moment in television. Ewwwww. I hated that episode and I never found the tandem of Robin and Barney. I was always a fan of the Ted and Robin tandem. 

How Ted just "let go" of Robin after Marshall told him to be selfish and for once, put himself ahead of others hit me. Nice guys will always be nice guys. I got affected because it's something I'd do since I'm a "nice guy". I'm the type of person who puts others ahead. I was actually compared to a Persian Rug once since I was just too nice. True story. I was also told to think of myself. 

But that's not how nice guys roll. 

I realized that nice guys will be nice guys at the end of the day. Switching to the dark side? Not gonna happen.

TEAM TED. That's the team of all the nice guys in the world. 

Stay nice gentlemen. No matter what happens, stick to being who you are.

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Sims Apt said...

It is true that nice guys finish last, but they usually play a different game.