Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My team

The Playoffs isn't as exciting for me anymore since my team is gone. But today, I have to give it to the boys in Dallas for putting on an amazing show! Dirk is a BEAST and that's all I have to say. 

Anyway, I'm here to write about my C's. My beloved Boston Celtics. I've written about them several times now I know. It's just that I'm a different kind of fan. I don't follow players when they transfer teams. I'm a team guy. I've always been a Celtics guy. Always have been, always will be.

This season was disappointing because of the trade. I'm still quite bitter about the Perkins trade but what's done is done. I just hope Mr. Ainge does something spectacular in the off-season. I'm glad that Doc Rivers is back with the team. What sucks was that Rondo got injured in the playoffs. He's the key to winning if you ask me. But that's not it. Personally I think they should have retained Nate Robinson since he plays well with Big Baby Davis. We all know how he performed in the Playoffs...

If Doc believes that the guys still have some fuel left, then I fully support it! The Big 3 gave a fan like myself an awesome title in 2008. It just sucks they fell short last year. Grrr... I still hate that game.

The season's over and all fans can do is look back. It's time to rest and rebuild again. The Celtic Mystique is weird... I don't know whether to trust in it but I believe in Doc and his ethic. Ubuntu!!! Let's see if we can acquire some good players...

For now, I'll just be a Basketball fan and see what happens. Forever, CELTICS! HOORAH!

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