Sunday, May 22, 2011

Four Years in the biz

I still think it was just yesterday. May 21, 2011 marked my 4th year in the corporate world. I've been working for 4 years already and it went by so fast! 

It's just like going through another schooling period without the summer vacations. Yup. 4 years without vacation. 

The working life has been good to me. I'm happy where I am and I'm happy with the people I work with. :) It makes a difference really. Waking up everyday and going to people you don't want to be with? Yeech! At least that never happened to me. I've been blessed!

For those starting with the new working life, there's an adjustment phase but try to have fun! The more you have fun, the more it won't feel like work. Let me share a story. You know I didn't get my first paycheck? :) It's because I gave my first salary to my parents. I split it into 2. Half to my Mom, half to my Dad. For all the years they supported me, it was the least I could do... I can't tell you the feeling after I gave the salary because the gesture has to come from you and I'll spoil it. You'll have to experience it yourself! 

After 4 years, I still look back at that moment in time and the feeling hasn't changed.


Anonymous said...

hi Sir Jiggy, I had a weirder blog entry about my 4th year in the world of work. haha. you might want to check it out:

hope you won't get me wrong with the way i describe Ateneans. rest assured, it's not a sweeping generalization.

btw, i wonder if i can convince you to trade in stocks

Patricia said...

Agree - makes a difference if you like the people you work with. Glad you love your work!

Anonymous said...

Awww....I also didn't receive my first paycheck. I gave it to my parents (half) and to my grandmother.

And it was 22 years ago..... =)

I feel old....and I suddenly missed my grandmom. I could still remember her reaction when I gave my first paycheck to her....teary eyed and all!