Monday, May 23, 2011

Hot or Cold Coffee?

When did you have your first cup o' joe? Did you have it hot or cold? Did you have it with milk? creamer? or just plain black?

I remember having my first taste of coffee when I was little. It was just a black cup with sugar. I had a teaspoon. I remember being curious and asking my yaya if I could have some. So I had a few ml of coffee. It was outstanding I thought. Of course there were those stories that you wouldn't grow. (myth) So I didn't drink that much. 

When the coffee shops came in, then you have the surge of cold "coffee shakes". I was never into it really. I wanted it black, with some sugar, and a couple of ice cubes. I'm a cold coffee kinda guy. I want to drink it straight! I started this whole coffee consumption thing in college to stay awake in the morning. In the cafeteria, I remember getting the canned Nescafe. My favorite is the Black Roast variant but sadly it's no longer available. (I settle for Latte now) But anyway, it was mighty cold and it was really good in the morning. It kept me up. 

Anyway, since I started working, I gave hot coffee a try. (Which is the correct way of drinking it) I got used to it. But the funny thing is now I take coffee pure black. No creamer. That's my top choice in the morning! After lunch, sometimes I crave for something sweet. So a Nescafe 3in1 will do that for me. (The Brown N Creamy is AWESOME cold if I may add... I kid you not) My taste buds have changed but I still love coffee!

What about you? How do you take it? Hot? Cold? :) I'd love to know!

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Jegger Ji said...

Hot coffee pls!? lalo na sabayan mo ng Biscocho or "mulawin" pandesal ..sarraap!!!try