Thursday, May 5, 2011



One thing you might not know about me is that I also watch Baseball. Many Filipinos don't give a rat's ass about Baseball but I happen to enjoy watching it. Yes I understand many will find it boring but it's actually exciting once you immerse yourself in the game. It's a fun game to watch in my honest opinion? As tense as a tight game in Basketball? Not really... But it will still make your heart pound.

So anyway, I just want to share that I'm psyched that I'm going to watch a live game within the year! No I will not be watching the Yankees. Seriously? I'm part of the Red Sox Nation! I'll be watching a game in Boston to cheer for the Red Sox in Fenway Park! FENWAY. PARK. Yup! It's another dream of mine which I want to fulfill... Sadly, I'd want to watch the Celtics live and see the banners that are in the rafters. But back to Baseball, I'm gonna watch with Jonty and we're pretty much excited to visit Boston and see the Red Sox play in their home. :) Huzzah!

It's part of my bucket list! To the baseball fans, I'll tell you all about the experience once done. Matagal pa! Still a couple of months but I'm excited because I have my tickets already! :)



maierz said...

I am one of the few Filipinos who give a rat's ass about baseball hahaha I don't really support ONE team but I LOVE the game! :) I am sooo jealous you're gonna get to watch a game! Enjoy the Red Sox game!! :))

romanya vizesi said...

thanks for sharing