Monday, September 7, 2009

Visiting the Daily Bugle

This was back in 2007. My last vacation... After that, campaign and then work work work!

So it was just me, Jonty, and Kiko in New York. Traveling without adults. Well, I was 21 back then so Jonty and Kiko were traveling with an "adult"

I did my own Spider-Man tour but I really wanted to see the Flat Iron building aka "The Daily Bugle". Jonty and I walked A LOT since the cabs were too expensive... I wanted to visit the Moondance Diner but couldn't find it. I did go where Uncle Ben was shot. That was in front of the New York Library. Oh yeah, plus I saw Oscorp Building :)

This was probably my best vacation. It was New York City! The comic book capital of the world plus it's where the Marvel U is!!! Hahahaha.


Monica:) said...

I think u should go back again to NYC:)

mary said...

wow jiggy! that was a really very adult-like thing to do- travel without real adults, and with 2 bitbits to boot, whoa!:) i believe you owe yourself a vacation and soon, before you get caught up in another round of "running," and i don't just mean that which involves your lower extremities (wink, wink)!

nyza_09 said...

that was really awesome jiggy,i think you should plan for a vacation this year... why? just to make you relax... di ba?

misslowkey said...

Wow, Jiggy! That was cool!
And you were with my two other crushes (besides yourself of course *wink*), Kiko and Jonty! haha
Give yourself another vacation like that. You need to unwind. :)

antonette said...

hi jiggy how can we be of help(,")