Sunday, September 20, 2009


An Ateneo Blue Eagle post. Non-Ateneo fans, you can just skip this :)


Coming into the game today, I was a bit nervous because UST could just pull an upset... But thankfully, despite the horrible calls, the team pulled it off.

I thought it was a total team effort. Everyone did their roles! Did you see Eric Salamat??? How many steals did that guy have??? INSANE!!! His timing is just superb!!! Plus the defense of Nonoy Baclao was something else!!! GRABE!!! Plus he had a buzzer beating trey to top his performance!!! Sweet!!! And Captain Kirk!!! People may not notice it but his defensive skills are out of this world awesome!!! I like the hustle from the Monfort too. And Oping played well today.

I missed the shotgun celebration of Jai... I was too busy jumping. Hahahaha. Jai and Ryan Buenafe drained the shots today! WOW! Plus I gotta give it to Ryan, he's getting his rhythm back! And sometimes, the players shouldn't be bullied just like that. Ryan is the type who won't back down. Good job!

Some things I don't like... Rabeh should just keep his cool. Arrrgh. He has to think of the next games! We need him! Plus rebounds! We're number 7 in terms of rebounding. What's up with that??? Refs were too obvious. I'm sorry.

Coach Norman is just the best. I love his rotation. He simply knows what to do.

So now, it's time to defend the title!!!



julie orellina said...

super agree with you about every freakin thing!hahaha esp on the rabeh part. i think he's become spoiled. what he did was uncalled for.

wishin. hopinga and praying for a back to back!:)

Anonymous said...

..hi kua jiggy.
i'm a huge blue eagle and uaap fan
i was unable to watch the whole game coz' i attended our church meeting that day but, luckily, when i got home, i had a chance to watch it even only for the last quarter.
..the game was a blast!! all of them?? they all did shine with their guts and abilities.
you, ateneo guys are the best!!
i was super duper amazed of jai's
3-point shots, gosh!! that man never fails and ryan buenafe and eric salamat's tandemn was such a great scene.
..twa's really a nice game making them sure to the finals
i believe your school's gonna make your BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONSHIP this season and i'm really excited for that..WOHOOOWWW.
..i'l be praying for the blue eagle's success, i will!!, sorry,i almost got into my emotions haha!! thanks for reading my comment
..godbless kua.

simplegal said...

hello there jiggy..just liking your post much..OBF!:)

c16_c17 said...

yes! Grabe! lupet ng ATENEO! ngayon lang talaga ko nakakita ng ganyang kalakas na team. Galing! Champion ulit yan for sure! And for sure proud na proud kayo (mga taga ATENEO) ako naman proud na fan :)


lalalaliza said...

if you could just hear the commentators...
ATENEO'S will be let down by only themselves..

i super agree with you bout ryan buenafe..he's back!!


elmot said...

Ateneo is really the basketball giant for this uaap season and I think they will still be a team to reckon with next year.

Other teams have lots of catching up to do especially my La Salle, hu hu huh :D

happy feet 09 said...

go blue eagles! kuya jiggy, atenista po ba kayo? ang mommy ko ay atenista noon and I hope to be an atenista too sumday..dyan mismo sa manila para makita ko ang whole family Aquino poh...I really love ur family and I am so obssesed with ur family..ang gwapo po ninyo!! hoping to meet you soon...and I will always support the Blue Eagles...Keep safe and God bless...

nekoely said...

Everything was super perfect.! =)


Dozo Ogenki de!!

Enzo Juan said...

dude, last year was the best. this year we will be the best again. another bonfire. back2back.. papano next year? do u think we can still make something...