Monday, September 14, 2009

The strongest Mythical 5 of all time!!!

2002 had the best Mythical 5 in my opinion...

PG - Mike Cortez
SG - (Tito) James Yap
SF - Cyrus Baguio
PF - Rich Alvarez
C - Enrico Villanueva

I mean, wow!!! What a dream starting 5!!! And at one point, Tito James, Enrico, and Rich were in one team in the PBA!!! 3/5??? Amazing!!!

This was the dream team! You can't go wrong with these 5 guys. 3 were MVPs!

What do you think guys?


simplegal said...

Me thinks that line-up is awesome!:)

eden :) said...

finally, nakita ulit kita!!!

The Lady in Green Ruffles said...

i agree..what a powerful team!

eden :) said...

hi jiggy... :) i have something for you, unfortunately i couldn't give it to you personally... so I just took pictures to it for you to see... hope you'll like it... pls.check my blog.. :) thanks... :)

cookiee08 said...

Go Purefoods.. I'm an avid fan of purefoods.. I love watching their games.. As far as I know po., Enrico will be playing on Brgy. Ginebra..

carladoo said...

I soo agree! I was in college (2nd year DLSU) when they were all playing and the games were really exciting! I miss the Ateneo-Lasalle games (plus UE of course for James Yap) during the UAAP with them playing!

luiboi said...

this is a nice post.i agree,its a strong line-up but id go with the 2006 mythical team.gotta go with my man,Ken Bono, might have an advantage at the guard posistions but i also have 2 mvps in bono and jervy might be a tight contest w/ the PF/C posistions but in my opinion,the 2006 line-up has an advantage w/ JC Intal playing SF.haha.good's the complete line-up..

C-Ken Bono
PF-Jervy Cruz
SF-JC Intal
SG-Jeffrey Chan
PG-Marvin Cruz

nyza_09 said...

great team!

chrissie said...


psixteen said...

i second that. cyrus baguio is one heck of a bballer! even the other players during his time are amazed by his skills.