Friday, September 4, 2009

Lola's Paintings

I was fortunate enough to get Lola's artwork. I feel so blessed that she gave me her very first painting. It was my birthday. She said since I was the eldest apo, I got to have #1. Miguel got #2, Jonty #3 and so on...

She loved to paint! I think it was a stress reliever for her. She'd usually paint roses, gardens, well... mostly flowers. It was towards the latter years wherein she started dong abstract.

S0 below is painting #1. There's really no title but my mom unofficially called it "Hurricane" since her brush strokes were in different directions :)

Painting #1

The painting below she did especially for me. Since I was a UAAP fanatic, she made this painting of Blue and Green roses.

War of the Roses: Ateneo vs. La Salle

She was just an awesome Lola! She knew how to make her apos feel special... I still miss her so very much... I think about her everyday.

Thanks for your art Lola. Thank you for your reminders on how much you loved us...


wilmaRN said...

you must be world's most blessed apo, jiggy.Godbless

akosiparaluman said...

i was almost in tears when i read this entry, jiggy. im sure your lola misses you and everyone in the family too.

take care.

vetVet189 said...

such a great artwork made by your lola..
i agree you are the world's most blessed grandson..

keep moving forward..
and better health for your family..

Monica:) said...

I wish my lola gave me paintings that she painted:)you see ur so lucky to have ur Lola even though she past away she still loves u tremdously no matter if she is on earth or heaven:)

Ria Arana said...

more than works of the hand, i can see that the paintings are works of the heart. those paintings speak a lot of her love not just for flowers and gardens, but for the recipient of her masterpiece - in this case, you.

doraima29 said...

I'm glad you feel very blessed and fortunate of how your lola loved you so much. Also, I was interested seeing your lola's paintings. I liked the blue and green flowers, that's my favorite.

Susan said...

HI jiggy,

Thank you for sharing the paintings of your lola.

Few days from now, your uncle Noynoy will announce his candidacy for President of our beloved country.

Please ask his staff to update his website as soon as possible as the entries are very dated - circa 2007. In this day and age of technology, everyone has started searching anything about him,me included. I am sure the young people will also do the same.

We will be here to support you. Your Lolo Ninoy and Lola Cory will cover you with their mantle of protection

The Lady in Green Ruffles said...

Your Lola is so great. And I love your whole family. Im a Kris fan and I collect her magazine. I also bought all the magazines featuring your lola and those really made me cry again and again. Thank you for sharing us your family. We, in the family is always looking up to yours. So ideal. Pure of love.

Anonymous said...

..i never thought that president Cory also paints. She's a good painter in deed. Now, that i've seen some of her art works, i felt a greater connection to her somehow, and i feel like, she's really my idol??
..i'm a fan of you kuya jiggy. I believe you are the luckiest apo in the whole wide world.
..more powers to you and ypur family godbless.