Tuesday, September 1, 2009

it sucks...

I was talking to some friends and we were talking about the things that absolutely suck big time.

1. Death in the family, Death of a loved one
2. Getting rejected
3. Failing

Other than that, what came up was "liking someone and then finding out that she/he is taken" - YON! Hahahaha. That absolutely sucks. Why? Because you have to make a decision. To wait it out or not. What if you wait for nothing? It makes it more interesting though... You have certain personalities that say "mas madaling hulihin ang manok na nakatali" (it's easier to catch a chicken that's tied down)

But that's not honorable... No integrity and respect either.

It only makes life more interesting right?

I guess you just have to enjoy the ride.


MarieClaireJustine said...

about the chicken thing. yeah, it may be right at times... but not always. kasi, kung ikaw ba yung may-ari ng manok, kahit ba nakatali, ilalagay mo ba yun sa isang place na makukuha or mabibilis na makukuha ng iba without your permission?

eto pa... eto pa... about waiting, most people would say na if it's true love, ok lang maghintay ng matagal... but the same ending goes like this, "pano kung akala mo true love... oo, true.. one sided nga lang" para mong inubos yung buong pagkatao mo dun sa isang tao and yet, on your end, dahil sa sobrang pagmamahal mo, it ended up letting go of the person na malay natin yun pala si mr. or ms. right.

pasensya na sa mahabang comment. nakarelate. :)

margx the wanderer said...

well I've been waiting for "him" for a logn time already... i'm not still with "him" but i think me patutuonan naman din paghihintay ko.. kahit minsan meron siyang iba. HAHAHAHA! ouch! siguro it would be worth the wait din when the time comes. booyeah!

julie orellina said...

yeah it sucks. BIG TIME.

but what sucks the most is being a BUM and having no money. at least it SUCKS ON ME.. ugh... thanks to the profession that i chose, im a bum. no work. no money and no love life?! that is just freaaaaakin GREAT! (sorry for sulking it on your blog. your post kac e.hahah)

buti nalang there's chocolates for increasing my serotonin. it uplifts the mood! and iron man too! i just cant stop watching it at HBO.haha

again sorry for sulking on you post jiggy.:D

Monica:) said...

Who rejected u and I agree with u about wat u wrote on this blog:B

wheirdo!!! said...

nice one...but baddd..hahahahahahahaha..

eiHg said...

Agree with the three things that suck the most.. =$ and with the Manok thing, well, sometimes you can't help but like or even fall for taken people.. Best men are always taken!! haha..

nyza_09 said...

good day!

it really sucks! kakaloka,!
lalo na when you've waited for nothing...very disapponting.. huhuh

the notion "its easier to catch a chicken thats tied down" is not really a good thought to ponder...

bless yah!

Mia Estipona said...

Death in a family, got rejected, failing, and liking someone who is taken, been there in just one month. Really it does suck but I think it is something we can still be thankful for. I mean if you experience the things said you can learn different things and also you'll be able to learn something really important. And that is acceptance. Interesting, yes it is and amazing.

mavik said...

sometimes it's really hard to love

ivettesalud said...

The realization that the not-so-great events of life are the very things that make it more meaningful does not come quite often. Nonetheless, such realization may serve as a reminder that the ugly face of life deserves to be given a second glance. Nice post, Jiggy. Keep on blogging. ;-).

con said...

yea.it sucks.i know how it feels.well, that's life.:) anyway, your blog is COOL !! ur twitter as well.

toshi123 said...

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xoxodash said...

soooper dooper mega agree. wow, so I must be normal after all for feeling that way. I love this post of yours. with the 4th suckiest, you can always daydream, it might just be on your head but hey, at least it would suck less.

TAI said it best (on whether you'll wait or not):
Weekend warriors and our best friends.
The writers weren't kidding about how all good things must end.
Then again somethings, then again somethings are far too good,
Somethings are far too good, to go when you let go.

(this will be my LSS, that's for sure)..haha

irishmaliban said...

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irishmaliban said...

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