Sunday, September 6, 2009

Deal or No Deal

I was going through some old photos and I saw some pictures from the Deal or No Deal Cory Episode. My friend Drew took pictures from the TV.

Asar talo ako from Jonty, Miguel, and Nina because I opened a briefcase that contained a HUGE amount... It was the 1 Million Peso Briefcase. It was Briefcase #7.

Oh crap... I let Lola down... =(

At the back is Father Manny Domingo, Ninang, Mom, Miguel, Jonty and Me
Below is a friend of Jia, Jia, My 2nd Cousin Tiger, Tita Viel, Josh, and Mel

Lola passed a lot of briefcases to us and we kept on opening huge amounts. Miguel got the Piso Briefcase though. Tita Kris naawa na sa amin so she said "Mom, they'll never live it down... You have to be the one to open" Even then on, Lola still saved us... Grabe.

It was funny, the last 2 amounts were 400 and 500... We were scared that if it were 500, it would have been Lolo Ninoy! But Lola won 400 bucks and after the taping, she immediately got the 400. Hahahaha.

This was a fun day despite opening the 1 Million Peso briefcase. =)


Monica:) said...

Hahahahahahhahahahhhaaahaahahahahahahahahahaha I love the first pic:)but just remember something you did not let down lola cory always remember that=)

The Silent Worker said...

gosh, i never get to watch that episode...i was always a fan of your tita kris and idolized your lolo Ninoy and lola Cory.
well, got to check the video on youtube (i hope there's a video uploaded)

Darleen said...

i saw this deal or no deal ep. it was fun though. sometimes, gut feel lang talaga.

vetVet189 said...

meron po ba kayo video nito na pwede i-share..kasi i miss dis episode, gusto gusto ko talaga mapanood ito.. :)

manik_reigun said...

awww too bad. but still, looks like you guys had fun. too bad i missd this episode.

MsRay said...

I remember seeing your pics as a baby. Now you're all grown up.

sjnhs_bon said...

hehehehehhehe...fantastic.. =}

Camille Romero said...

aww! you've opened the 1 million peso brief case... its ok... LOL! I read your blog about this and i was really laughing out loud!