Monday, November 7, 2011

Swiss Cheese

OK, so I can't think of a better title to this post. But so what? I'm cheesy! If you can't handle the cheese, deal with it! :) Haha! Kidding!

So back to the post.

It's November already and I came from an excellent trip to Switzerland. Misha is working there now but it's only temporary. I visited her for a week and here are just some snapshots of what we did in Confoederatio Helvetica aka Switzerland.

The weather was real nice! It's in between Autumn and Winter so it was getting cold but you could see the different colors of the leaves! It was beautiful! The yellow leaves were my favorite. Bihirang makakita sa Pilipinas ng yellow and white leaves.

Lake Geneva was just amazing. Walking by it in the morning gave me goosebumps. I'm not really that type of nature guy but seeing the lake, the trees, the different colored leaves, the snow on top of the mountains, the swans, etc. Man... God is good! It was just beautiful!

Switzerland will not be complete without Fondue and walking by the lake! There are a lot of museums by the lake in Vevey such as the Alimentarium (Food Museum) and the Photography Museum. Charlie Chaplain Square is also in Vevey! In Montruex, Freddie Mercury has a statue there! Plus Misha and I wanted to get cool and funny pictures of ourselves in a different country.

A long distance relationship can be difficult. You have to adjust to time zones plus you get lonely. But what's keeping me and Mish sane now is that there are only 39 days left! From that point on, no one leaves! :) If you're in a long distance relationship, visiting that special someone is just so worth it! It teaches you a lot plus it makes you realize that life is worth living with that special person.

I'll write more about my trip in the upcoming days but for now, hope the pictures entertain you :)

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