Monday, November 28, 2011

These aren't the Droids you're looking for

Sorry I haven't been updating a lot. I'm busy at work but I'm loving what I do :) Plus with my other engagements for my other blogs, I tend to forget about The Tangled Web. Sorry guys :(

Anyway, I'm back! Did you see my latest project? Jonty and I are now part of The Philippine Star Family! We're part of Young Star! (Well, Jonty's still "young" ako naman feeling young)

The 2 of us are extremely psyched for this and we promise to be as consistent as we can! 

Jonty has been the backbone of this project and he's the one who came up with the title. "These aren't the Droids you're looking for" was probably most fitting. Who's C-3PO and who's R2-D2? We don't want to think of it that way... We even got suggestions like "THAT'S NO MOON!" and "IT'S A TRAP!" which are also references to STAR WARS.

We'll be writing about Everything GEEK and Pop Culture :) Heck, we may even write about food! 

Our first article is about MARVEL vs DC! We thought it would be best since I'm the MARVEL guy and he's the DC guy. Both of us write but I have part 1 and he has part 2 which should be out by Friday of this week. 

Thank you very much to Tita Millet of Philippine Star for giving us this once in a lifetime chance and to Mr. Raymond Ang for being such an accommodating editor!

Please feel free to give your comments/opinions to :)

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gillboard said...

hopefully you'd post your article here as well. we don't read Star, so I won't be able to read it.

i'd like to know what your opinions are regarding the whole Marvel vs DC debacle.

i'm a marvel zombie too btw.