Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jiggy and the Chocolate Factory

Who doesn't love chocolate? It never fails to make me smile when I receive or see chocolate. It's just so damn good! Chocolate is close to my heart. Very close. Why? I used to work for chocolates. It was an awesome job because you got to try/taste/eat chocolate 5 days a week. (But everything in moderation of course)

Anyway, about a week ago in Switzerland, with the help of my 2 new friends Ton and Khan, I got to visit Le Maison Cailler or The House of Cailler. (Pronounced "KAH-YEY") It was a CHOCOLATE FACTORY! So think of all the Willy Wonka stories you know! Le Maison Cailler was also where The Chocolate Centre of Excellence is located and this is where Nestle and the top Chocolatiers make new recipes for the best chocolates!

There was a tour that explained the history of chocolate. It started with the Mexicans/Aztecs when they discovered this bean they named "Theobroma Cacao" or you can also say Food of the gods. But the main story included F.L. Cailler opening the first Swiss Chocolate Factory. It was in Switzerland where MILK CHOCOLATE was invented by a man named Daniel Peter with the assistance of Henri Nestle. 

I got to see how they made the Cailler chocolates and believe me when I say that it's one of THE BEST chocolates in the world! I mean, Cailler was the very first milk chocolate! The assortment was just broad! There's chocolate for cooking, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, premium chocolates, etc. Also interesting is that there's this part of the tour where they ask you "For you, when is it time for chocolate?" I answered "to make Misha happy :)" Gentlemen, it's been tried and tested, you need to give women chocolates! 

A tour wouldn't be complete without tasting the chocolates! So at the end, there's an all you can eat chocolate buffet!!! Argh, my mouth is drooling just recalling my experience. ANG SARAP TALAGA!

Smiling when there's chocolate inside your mouth

Cailler Ambassador

Cailler SUBLIM

Cailler Milk Chocolate

Visiting the Cailler Chocolate Factory will be an experience I will forever keep in my heart. In life, we need to make ourselves happy. C'mon, don't you want to be happy? I believe our happiest days were the days when we were kids. Why not relive our childhood days from time to time? :) Have some chocolate, the endorphins will make you happy :) Share the happiness! Give someone a bar of chocolate! We ALL deserve to be happy in life :D

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The Wifey Diaries said...

Ooohh GALAK! My mom-in-law, who resides in Belgium, never forgets to add a bar or two of that yummy white chocolate in the package. :)