Monday, January 10, 2011


I'm usually scared of heights. For example, I absolutely CANNOT ride the Wheel of Fate in Enchanted Kingdom. Hindi ko talaga kaya. I rode it once and that was it. Never again. Roller Coasters I can handle. But if it's on top of the Ferris Wheel, get me out of there!

Exactly a week ago, I went on Asia's longest zipline in Bukidnon. Yes, believe it or not. I actually went on to ride the zipline! You have 2 choices. Either you sit down and feel like Spider-Man or you lie down and fly like Superman. No, Iron Man! A day before I was asked on what I'd choose. Of course I want to feel like Spider-Man! I'm gonna sit down! It was less scary and I thought that it was safer. But they wanted me to lie down since it was more "adventurous." I said to myself fine I'll lie down.

When we got to the place, I saw how high the hill was and how long the zipline was. Man, I wanted to go back to Spider-Man. I stayed with little children who were going to sit down and feel like Spider-Man. People were laughing at me but I said to hell with it, I want to be safe.

"Hindi available ang naka-upo" was the next thing I heard... Holy $%#? I wanted to die. But nope, I had to man up and just go with it... Of course I didn't tell anyone at that time that I was worried. I said that I didn't have a choice but to just go with it. When I'm worried, I'm just quiet. As we rode the van to go up the hill, I wasn't in my happy place at all. Imagine when I was about to strap on and go zip... Well, I did it! It was like flying IRON MAN STYLE! It was AWESOME!!!

You know, anxiety and fear will always be there if you haven't tried or tested it. You just have to let go sometimes. You'll laugh at yourself for being worried in the first place.

 If you ever go to Bukidnon, go and try the ZIPLINE. You'll like it. I promise you that. And this time, Iron Man over Spider-Man... :)


Will said...

Congrats on conquering your fear. I wanna try that someday, but maybe in Subic. Bukidnon's quite far. :)

Sheena Arquiza Dangoy (Dai Xu Na) said...

hi! mine was a different story about ziplining, last year when i my family "vacationing" in Davao we passed by this long zipline spot but my mom didn't allow me and my brother to try it because she was scared. we were only allowed to try a shorter and less adventurous one in Cotabato City but when we will go to Davao or Bukidnon, we will definitely try a more adventurous ziplining experience. Bohol is also offering different adventures such as Plunge, Root Climbing, Ziplining and many more... :-) (just plugging my beloved province)

Chin Bolivar said...

Wow! It's great to hear that you went to my home province.

My Life's A-musings said...

try next time Davao's Camp Sabros. You will be crossing a very deep ravine! So much fun!

Anonymous said...

.. we have the same fear :S and isa pa lang ang experience ko conquering it, and that was with the viking ata? (SEE! i don't even know anong tawag dun kasi it's sooo FORGETTABLE!!)'twas not a good ride for me, NEVER WILL! i don't like the feeling being with those kind of rides. i don't understand how people get so much fun with those when in fact, nakakatakoooot xa ng soooooobraaa! WAH! it's not even funny? :'S
.. but i'm glad for you kuya, SAYANG! sana tinry mo din yung Spiderman style, HAHA! great job! you must've been proud, you should be! ;D more adventures to come! GB.