Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 in review

I know I know it's 2011 already but as promised, here's my 2010 reflection. Better late than never right? In general, 2010 was definitely better than the difficult 2009. 2010 had its ups and downs but I thought it was a fantastic year. We were busy campaigning at the start of the year until May. There were some awesome events like the Paramore concert in MOA, Backstreet Boys at the Big Dome (Yes, I'm a BSB fan), the Summer Komikon in UP, Iron Man 2 was shown, the iPad was released, plus the Android operating system fights Apple! But here's my top events of the year in no particular order.


One of the places I really wanted to visit was Bohol to see the famous Chocolate Hills. Why? Where else can you find something as beautiful as the Chocolate Hills??? :) I finally got to go to Bohol thanks to Misha as I got it for my birthday. The trip was fantastic! Got to relax and stay in the beach! I saw the Tarsiers and ate lunch in the floating restaurant! Excellent excellent excellent trip! I highly recommend Bohol! It's peaceful and the place is just beautiful!

Neil Gaiman

I missed his visits here but I really couldn't miss this one! I finally got to meet Neil Gaiman! Fully Booked has been really good to the Geeks by bringing in Comic Book Personalities. Neil signed my Absolute Sandman Volume 1 and even sketched Morpheus himself! Nerdgasm! One of the most awesome geek experiences!!!

Summer Komikon

Summer Komikon had fantastic komiks!!! But the one that really caught my attention were the PUNNX Komiks! They were just too hilarious!!! The November Komikon was also fun but I really wished that there was a Trese volume 4!!! I'm glad that Komikon keeps on growing!!! Hopefully in November, I can come up with a komik of my own... But this year will be huge with Mr. Gerry Alanguilan's Dr. Rizal and of course, the return of Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo's TRESE!!!

Yahoo! Blog

I got to Geek out a lot more in 2010 thanks to Yahoo! Philippines. They sent me an email and wanted me to be part of the Fit To Post bloggers and blog about comics! It's awesome despite some haters... I got to interview J Torres, Philip Tan, Harvey Tolibao, and Manix Abrera! I have so much more planned for the blog this year I can't wait to talk more comics! It's an honor and privilege to be part of the Yahoo! family :)


2010 gave me a lot of opportunities and the biggest one was YSpeak! I really wanted the job since it's about the voice of the youth! ANG BOSES NG KABATAAN! It was about helping out that got me. I had a short but memorable stint. I still don't know what will happen to the show due to the reformat of Studio 23 :( Loved every second of it!

The end of Rock Ed Radio

Thursdays will never be the same again now that there's no more Rock Ed Radio... Thursdays gave me a reason to have free flowing discussions and it hit me how important conversations are. You have to talk about what's happening in the country or just about anything at all. I met a lot of really awesome people in Rock Ed Radio thanks to Tita Gang and Erwin!!! I'll miss Thursday nights on NU :(

Dashboard Confessional LIVE IN MANILA

My dream of seeing Dashboard Confessional came true!!! I got to sing Vindicated live with Chris Carrabba! Saints and Sailors, Hands Down, Belle of the Boulevard, Don't wait, and STOLEN! Aaahh... Best concert ever!

New Assignment

I got transferred this year. I was moved to a new department and it was a big change for me. In my work, sometimes, the company has to put you where you are needed. I finished my job in trade marketing and I'm with marketing now. It's a much bigger department and the pressure comes along with it. But hey, pressure is a privilege. It's gonna be a challenging 2011 but it'll be fun.


I've always wanted a Back-2-Back Championship in the UAAP but was denied by FEU in 2003... It was my first year in College then. But 2010 was special! 3 peat baby!!! Buenafe with the dagger!!! Loved the series and Ateneo deserved it!!! It was more special because Misha watched with me!!! A celebration of die-hard fans!!! I was glad to have shared that happy moment with someone special!!! Plus, cmon! 3 peat!!! Both Seniors AND Juniors!!!

The dreaded Game 7 loss

I was devastated when my Celtics lost Game7 at Staples Center... I felt so bad for them... They were so close to Banner18!!! The loss only made me a stronger Celtics fan and I also realized how much of a die-hard I am. The new season seems promising! They just need to be healthy. Though the Big 3 and Shaq are in their twilight years, I still believe they have 1 final push for Banner 18 and instill themselves in Celtic Glory! You need to have 2 to be a Celtic great!


I don't think I'll get an endoresement again anytime soon! Hahaha! But 2010 was special since the wonderful people from Lucerne got me and my cousin to endorse the limited edition ODM Pilipinas Watch for L TimeStudio. We got a billboard along EDSA and never in my wildest dreams did I think I'll end up there. It was different! Good different!

Travel / Business Trips

I got to see the Philippines in a whole new way in 2010. I've been up north in Laoag and ate empanada. I had a 10 hour road trip to Isabela. Went twice to Cebu wherein once I had to retrieve some important documents. I went down south to Davao and Cagayan de Oro. I also got to go to the deeper part of South Luzon and I saw the Mayon Volcano! This was all for work mind you :) I had fun travelling! It can get lonely but it makes you more independent! 2011 will have some travelling but not like 2010 in my old function at work... It was awesome while it lasted.

MAY 10

May 10, 2010 was THE day. It was election day! That was when the campaign trail ended... It was the most important day of the year for my family since it would somewhat determine how it would affect our lives. It was a long day and we fell in line for around 4 and 1/2 hours to cast a vote for Tito Noy. I was really amazed how the counting turned out. Surprise surprise how Smartmatic proved that the automation was a success. It was a memorable day and it did change our lives. People had reason to hope again. Change was on the horizon. I'm happy how positive people are now but I believe we have to keep the momentum going. Sure there are some humps and bumps along the way but we have to stay in the straight path. Ang tuwid na daan ang tama!

HERE'S TO 2011!!!


preciosa said...

God is so awesome! 'Coz he showed his greatness amidst all of the immense events or roller-coaster ride ups and downs in our lives (Filipino's lives)last year. Surely God will make this a better or probably the BEST year ever. So COOL. All we have to do is to BELIEVE. Babawi tayong lahat ngayong bagong taon :)

Hey Mr. Jiggy, Sana there will be more mr. nice guy and cool "geeks" like you!
I'm an avid reader of your posts. Learning some great things from different people is so cool. (From your posts, I learn a lot of things from different perspectives in life and also because I am book/comic book addict too, I also get updated with some cool new/old stuff that I don't know yet. But then I was quite sad upon learning that ROCKED radio will not be airing anymore. I wasn't able to listen to ROCKED radio because of the hectic college life sched. By the way this one has stricken me: "Pressure is a privilege"--I'll keep that thought.
Thanks again for sharing your thoughts to us! (and a recap for 2010).

Yours Truly,
Your avid blog follower! :)

Anonymous said...

.. indeed. :') 2010 was a challenging yet fantastic year to all of us esp. for you, kuya Jiggy. :D
.. with your highlights, i know what you felt with the DC concert!! WELL! i can feel how awesome that was! THE BEST IT IS! ;D and with NU signing off, it's sooo sad that we will no longer be hearing from them, kainis! kasi when you get used to doing something tapos in just one glimpse, magbabago? WAH! for me napaka influential ng station na yun, so why did it have to end? owww. :c i had goosebumps listening to their last played track. :S
.. it's good to know how people stay positive towards life despite sa hirap at trials ng buhay. With your blogs, you've been an example to everyone kung papaano nga ba natin dapat harapin ang buhay. POSITIBO! ;D
.. you have inspired many, at kasama na ako dun, naman! :D i pray, you'll continue touching lives by your humble words. WELCOME 2011! God bless you all the time kuya Justin. TC. :')