Friday, January 7, 2011

Brick by childhood brick

I've recently gotten back into a childhood hobby. It all started in December during the Christmas Parties. For the Kris Kringle, I accidentally found out who my "mom" was and she said not to put a GC... She told me to put something I wanted. I went around window shopping and saw in Hobbes and Landes these awesome LEGO Minifigures! I stumbled upon them in and thought that they were pretty cool. So I got one and that was it... I needed more of em...

Little did I know that Misha had already bought me a STAR WARS LEGO set for Christmas! I got Boba Fett's Slave 1! For those who don't know, Boba Fett was the bounty hunter who captured Han Solo. He also happens to be a fan favorite among Star Wars loyalists. So there goes another LEGO set.
After that, I saw these LEGO Architecture Series online. I looked for it on and apparently there was this seller who had what I was looking for! I got the Empire State Building and the Seattle Space Needle. Now these aren't giant sets. They can be actually be put on your desk.

I worked on Slave 1 over the holidays and I got this feeling of nostalgia building it. So many childhood memories! We should all "grow up" I know. But I think it doesn't mean that you should completely let go of your "inner child". I mean, being young at heart only makes us more human and less boring. I now understand why LEGO is consistently posted on Geeks are young at heart!

I suggest you find something that you loved when you were a child. Believe me, it will make you feel better. Of course I'm talking to the people born 1985 and below. For the ones reading this who are actually still young, enjoy your youth! :)

The LEGO sets being sold here are way more expensive... If you seriously want to get into it again, has sellers that offer better deals. :) Now what I have to look for now are the Spider-Man sets that they released a couple of years back... Yikes!


Jonas Diego said...

Ah, nostalgia. I had several sets when I was young, mostly sci-fi inspired. When I got bored I'd usually take it apart and build something new, which was the attraction of Lego for kids and parents: perpetual new toys without having to actually buy a new one. :D

Jennifer said...

Nostalgia it is! My brother and I used to be Lego collectors and I swear, this IS the best toy ever invented. It really sparks the creativity and the imagination of anyone who plays/uses it :)

Lifeylicious said...

Who says toys are only for kids? Congratulations! While reading your post I could sense the jumping kid inside you. That's lifeylicious!