Monday, January 24, 2011

The Original Dear Darla Pizza

I don't know how accurate the story I heard was but I was told that the Dear Darla Pizzas from Yellow Cab was inspired by the Panizzas served in a restaurant in Pampanga.

I had to taste it! I went to C' Italian last month and I tried their famous Panizzas! A Panizza is a thin crust pizza and you roll it after putting Arugula leaves and Alfalfa sprouts. (Just like the Dear Darla Pizza)

Anyway, this Panizza was SUPERB! *drools* The cheese was excellent, the prosciutto was fresh, the mushrooms were awesome! Plus the place was an authentic Italian joint so you get your money's worth! The prices are a bit on the high side and it's a 90 minute drive to Angeles. But you know what? IT'S SUPER WORTH IT! SOOOOOO WORTH IT!!! There are a lot of Panizzas to choose from!!!

You want to bring your girlfriend to an awesome restaurant out of town??? Go to C' Italian Dining!

C' Italian Dining
Don Juico Avenue (Perimeter Road)
Brgy. Malabanas, Angeles City
+63 45 8924059
+63 45 8926993

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Lhai Cruz said...

It's President Cory's bday today! And I said a little prayer!!! :)