Sunday, January 16, 2011


The picture above was taken last September at the Aquino Museum in Tarlac. It was called my 3D Family Album.. Anyway, I'll talk about that some other time. This picture was actually candid at first but it didn't turn out well. So I stood there and reflected.

It's good to reflect at times. You have to see where you were, where you are, and where you are headed. The past you can never change but it's good to look back to understand where you are now. Learning from the mistakes of the past will set a better tomorrow.  

The picture on the left is a shot of my Lolo Ninoy when he was under trial... It makes me think now what he was thinking when he was sentenced to death at that point of his life. But what awes me when he was incarcerated for 7 years and 7 months in Fort Bonifacio. There was nothing to do there according to the stories I've heard.  Even much worse was he was sent to Fort Magsaysay in Laur. It was where he got stripped of his clothes and was put in a box. All he could do was count the seconds that turned into minutes and the minutes into hours which turned into days and into weeks. It was loneliness. And in that loneliness was when he had his pagmumuni-muni. My Lola told me that the incarceration made my Lolo humble. It was when he turned back to the Lord.

I have to be honest that I forget to pray at times before going to sleep. It's bad I know. That's why I'm putting this down to remind me that I shouldn't forget how to pray. To reflect I believe will clear the mind. Hopefully it will clear my own...

When was the last time you had your own pagmumuni-muni?


Ria said...

Good question. Last Saturday. :D

You're right. People should do that more. A lot think it's a not- so- productive way to use one's time, but it actually is. ;)

Jerick said...

yesterday at church. i was so focused on hating this certain person until we sang a line at church that says "i would be my brother's keeper, Lord, i would follow thee."

from then on, i thought, instead of hating, i'd rather try to understand that person. there's no better antidote to a person hating you back than being nice to him.

Jinademaru said...

I try to do so everyday. Sometimes though it is just plain hard to find the time, for yourself or for God. But this is something that I managed to realize, as long as you try your hardest finding that time to reflect, you will have it.