Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have to admit that I'm only superstitious during the UAAP season... You know how athletes do some rituals out of superstition? Well, fans also have superstitions. I, in particular, can't wear the opponents color on the day itself. I outgrew the whole lucky shirt thing though. For one season, I wore the same shirt to 5 games. Sometimes, I hid it under an Ateneo jersey. Hahaha.

What is it with superstitions? For some reason, a black cat crossing my path gives me the creeps. Especially when driving. Then there's the funeral procession wherein if you're on the road, you have to throw a coin when you pass by the procession.

We all have our different faiths. I think there's a line between faith and superstition. Kanya-kanya as they say.

What about you and superstitions? What do you think?


the UNchecked other said...

I've got the same superstition with not wearing the opponents' colours during games. One year at The Game (Harvard-Yale), I had on a sapphire ring...and then Harvard lost. The next year and thereon after, I banished anything blue during the week of The Game, and Harvard won ;o)

Also before games, my friends and I try to convince a blue-wearing person to touch the John Harvard statue in the yard. We don't actually touch it ourselves 'cos it's kind of a right of passage for some to pee on the statue's shoe (ew)--which is why it's so shiny.

Lhai Cruz said...

I have never been superstitious even if I actually grew up around old people who are really into this kind of things. But I just want to share that back in college, I had a friend who always wore RED undies every time we’d have departmental exams. It was more of a lucky charm daw. Was it effective? Well, she managed to graduate! :)

mojacko said...

totally unrelated comment:
i hope you can ask PNoy's people to implement a unified garbage segregation scheme nationwide to separate our biodegradable and non-bio trash. this would really help with the flooding problem and make people realize that the power to ease flooding is in their hands. hope you can get together the stars of abs-cbn and gma to make public service ads about this for impact. plus, i'm sure this would clean up the pasig river, too.

iam_annecy said...

growing up with my Lola, i guess i became 'overly' superstitious...believing in everything my elders say like you have to put certain number of coins on your shoes for goodluck (even if it's uncomfortable!) or to not play with your plates when you're in the dining table (because an accident might happen to someone) or to not sing while cooking (because you might end to be a spinster).

right now, i'm not so much of a believer in superstitions. but sometimes there is one superstition i can't live without...saying 'tabi-tabi po, nuno-nuno po" when i go to an unknown place (especially in the provinces). ^_^

RiaRamona said...

It's funny how Pinoys are so religious (as in Catholic pa) and then they're so superstitious, which is a little pagan, sorry to say.

I don't believe in superstitions since I think they're unfounded, but I believe in religion. God's existence can be proven naman, e, when you think that there has to be an Ultimate Cause to the cause- and- effect chain. Ala nga namang forever yun.

Anonymous said...

.. Superstitions. :D Well, honestly I definitely don't believe in this, but funny kasi there are times din that I do. Sabi nga nila, wala naman masyadong mawawala if you'll do or you'll follow it. I get to believe in some superstitions kasi lalo na kapag may nagkwento sakin and nangyari na.
.. to share, there is one time na papunta ako sa school, I was about to cross the road when a funeral procession came, NATAKOT AKO! hindi na ako tumawid instead sumakay na lang ako on that side of the road kung nasaan ako. HAHAHA. ;D
.. i think it's ok to believe in superstitions naman as long as we keep our faith and belief in God. :D God Bless po.

thisisALI said...

Hi Jiggy, just to ease you're creeps when you see a black cat...in england it's considered lucky when you see a black cat...=)