Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I can't live without... MINTS!

You know that feeling when you feel naked? Yun bang may kulang pag-alis mo ng bahay?

I wear a watch all the time when I'm out and if my wrist doesn't have a watch, yikes! I feel the same way if I don't have a handkerchief with me too! But what I really can't do is go out of the house without MINTS! Fresh breath is of IMPORTANCE!

Seriously, I'm way too conscious about my breath. Whether it be POLO, Eclipse, Doublemint, Smint, or Listerine, I need to have mints on my pocket!!! 

My mint of choice is the Listerine PocketMist. Sadly, it's not available here in the Philippines. I have relatives from abroad buy it for me. I'm after fresh breath when I take mints. The stronger the mint, the better!

Let's face it people, you owe it to the person you're talking to. It wouldn't hurt you to have fresh breath :) It'll be much appreciated!


Myk2ts said...

yeah. bad breath is a major turn-off. isn't listerine too strong?

smariege said...

Is this like the thin paper-like texture mint that used to be out in the market? Or is it still there? haha

iammai said...

I totally agree, Mr. Jigs :)

jrdesagun said...

i agree!

Anonymous said...

..yeah!! But I don't use the strong ones, Tic-tac lang gamit ko kasi the others, di ko talaga makaya. I feel like my mouth's burning, WAAAAH!! :D