Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Changes in Life!

There are 3 things that are BIG changes in my life right now.

1. Moving to a new department at work. - I've been in my current department for almost 18 months and I will miss my team a lot... But we gotta adapt to change and I'm moving on to a business unit with more responsibilities. Gotta take the challenge! Time to shine!

2. Y Speak! - I was offered by ABS-CBN/Studio 23 to co-host Y Speak :) It's a local show that has gone through a lot of changes but still managed to remain consistently true and cool to the youth! Boses ng kabataan! Thank God they still think I'm young! It's a weekend thing and it will take my Saturday mornings but I'm all for the advocacy! :) If it will be a good influence to the youth, then I'm all for it!

My first episode as co-host is on August 14 :) 

 After my 1st taping with the guest and crew!

3. Blogger for Yahoo! Philippines - I'm officially a comic book blogger on FIT TO POST. It's just me talking about all things comics! :) I'm assigned to publish 2 a week so this will take time away from blogger :( Please do read my posts, I put a lot of heart and time into the geek posts :)


Anonymous said...

..GROOOOL :D Y-SPEAK's cool. It's really a good show for the youth. Good news for you!! You'll surely have my support for that, GOD BLESS and MORE POWERS to your career Kuya Jiggy. :D

JayRadaRafol said...

Go for it Jiggy, you have my support! It's really nice to have people like you spreading good influences on people your age and below or even a bit older than you. Godbless! BTW, I am a new blogger...hmmmm..not really pala bro..just started a new one since my old account can't be accessed anymore....forgot the password. Just newly follow your blogs. Godbless!

JayRadaRafol said...

Go for it Jiggy, you have my support. It's nice to know people like you who influences people your age or younger. Just newly followed your blogs and enrolled a new one too since my old account can't be accessed.

Jerick said...

looks like things are getting better for you. congrats!

iam_annecy said...


Looking forward to Y Speak! and your blogs for Yahoo!

Keep up the good work Jiggy!

Lhai Cruz said...

Hi jiggy, saw your post about pinoy komiks today. Congratulations! Pero sana kahit papaano you’d still write something here sa blogspot kasi di ba dun sa yahoo, you will only talk about komiks? Eh dito, anything goes! Hope you’d update this blog once in a while pa rin because I enjoy reading anecdotes about your family, work, life in general and most especially – Pres. Cory. :)
More power to you!

Anonymous said...

congratulations Jiggy! Just do you best and let GOD to the rest! We will be supporting the AQUINO's all the way!