Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Man Bag!

I see a growing number of men having this sling bag around them. No, this is not your typical back pack. It's a small bag and I don't want to call it a murse. It's a MAN BAG!

Yes, I think it's acceptable! I own one because I don't want bulky pockets. I was told that it didn't look nice. So there, I got myself a small bag I can sling on my shoulder.

I was in Greenbelt last weekend and BratPack had this exhibit with famous people showing what they carry in a bag. I was inspired to "blog" about it. There are a number of people who use Tumi and I think it's a pretty good brand. My brand of choice is Jack Spade. Yes, it's the sister company Kate Spade. Why Jack Spade? It's simple, sleek, and it serves you well.

Here's what I carry inside my Jack sack!

I have the ff:

1. Notebook
2. Business Card holder (yellow)
3. Pen
4. iPod
5. Mints (PocketMist spray and Breathsavers)
6. Phone

Guys, it's ok to carry a bag. Make sure it's manly. Try not to bring a clutch bag. I don't think it's as accepted yet.


xingkit said...

i wish i could survive with just these stuff on your bag. guys are so lucky! :)

Lhai Cruz said...

Why kind of bag do you use when you go to the office?

doraima29 said...

Here in the States, most of the men would bring bags to work whether it is a backpack, tumi, and those manly bags. I have talked to them while I was commuting on a train. It is not only fashion but a way of life for most men here. They usually bring only 1 bag which will suffice for the day.

Anonymous said...

.. oh no, how do you keep your stuffs organized? :D The bags I use always depends. Depends on the place, the weather, the occasion but most often on my attire and my mood. There are times that I use different bags every day just because I like using them all:D
.. i don't know if you could answer this, but how do you organize your things? I always have a hard time picking the things i must and i must not bring. Dinadala ko kasi lahat, para sure. HAHAHA. :D My friends tease me tuloy na lagi kong dala ang bahay namin. WEW!! that's why I often use backpacks. I just can't make it into a minimum. :c
.. i admire your bag, i wish i could do that kahit sa mga simpleng lakaran lang. WAAAAAH!! God bless. :D