Monday, March 15, 2010

What it's like on a campaign trail...

Forgive me for not blogging that often anymore. Sometimes, my mind just doesn't want to think at night. It's really tiring most days. You get to work around 730am and you leave work at around 7pm. This is just a long overdue update.

What have I been doing?

I was in Cebu recently and what an itinerary. My friends think I'm there to have fun and all but it's the opposite really. I had to take a leave from work on a Friday to be able to talk to students from the University of The Visayas. We went around the city to meet with the Cebu HQ people. The next day, we woke up at 5am to go to 5 public markets. But since we  were ahead of time and the campaign people wanted to utilize our presence, we went beyond the target of 5 and went to 7 public markets.

What do we do at the markets? Well... We shake people's hands and ask them to vote for my Tito Noy :) I usually say Noynoy-Mar po tayo ah? Aquino-Roxas po sa Mayo. Carcar was awesome because the people there had the biggest smiles! I even got balat ng lechon for free! The lady selling the lechon cut me this huge piece and handed it. I got it but I had to split it with my brother. It was real good but man... the oil!!! Woooo!!! Sarap magsoftdrink after. (Too bad for me, I gave up softdrinks for lent) So anyway, I also rode a tricycle or try-sikol in bisaya. :)

The distance we had to travel was really far. We reached Argao and it was around 90 minutes away from Mactan. That's what a campaign is...

That afternoon, we went to University of Cebu. It was the main campus and it was amazing. The students were so full of life! It was where I gave my longest speech to date. Hahaha. How do I give speeches? I usually have an outline in my head and I just go extemporaneous. People like that better right?

That night, I crashed in bed. I had to wake up at 6am for a presscon. It was the first press conference me, Jonty, and Miguel had. Sun Star of Cebu were the ones who came and asked the questions. I appreciated the fact that they didn't have any bias with the questions. They were all very respectful and we did our best answering what they asked.

We left Cebu lunch time and was back in Manila by 2pm.

It's a hard life during the campaign season. But it's all for love I guess. :) Anyway, that's it for now. I leave you all with some images from my Cebu trip. :)


Zett_slash_Amber said...

hello jiggy! I always had a great time reading all ur blog entries. I hope that despite of ur busy schedule u'll find time blogging.

I've read 3 books about your Lolo Ninoy (Aquino's of Tarlac, Memories Of A Hero and The True Story and Analysis of the Aquino assasination) the 1st two that I mentioned is my all time fave! The 3rd book kasi made me real sad and upset bcoz of the tragic ending. Anyway, Your Lolo is one hella man!!! Gosh!after reading those book, I understand the true meaning of having a "busy/hectic schedule" on a daily basis. I just can't imagine how he does that - u know, him being a father/husband/mayor/vice gov/gov, technocrat and administrator of Hacienda Luisita all at the same time. Parang hindi napapagod. He's indeed a very hardworking man, tried and gave his very best to the people whom he serve. Parang literal na Super Hero "saving the world". :D ang galing! I often wonder, what if all our leaders is like your Lolo, Lola and Uncle?.

Anyway, just want to say that its nice to know you and your family on a more personal note through your blogs. Thank you Jiggy!

zett ^_^

julea medrano said...

sir jiggy, i enjoyed reading this blog.. about the GULP in 7-11 stores,i find it really cool! first you have to decide what cup to pick, then fill it with the beverage that you is indeed full of choices, i hope Filipinos will make a wise pick!=)

Jerick said...

it would have been really cool to be an actual part of an election campaign at least once in a lifetime.

t e i n said...

..kuya Jiggy!! seems like you are having busy days nowadays hm :D
..hope you still had fun doing and attending your schedules, and, you are still having a nice sleep every night.
..i pray God will bless you with what you are doing because i know it's for the country and for the good of the people especially our youth. :D
..good luck for the campaign trails to come. T.C. :D