Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesdays #5 and #6

I don't think I can do this every Tuesday... :( It's been pretty hectic for me. But since I'm still in the mood to blog, here goes.

This Tuesday, I have to tell you another Lola Cory story...

On the day I found out that she was diagnosed with cancer, it was the saddest day of my life. Even more than when she had passed. It was the day that I literally couldn't cry anymore because there weren't any tears that were falling. I used up all my tears and I was still crying! My eyes were swollen the next day. I took a leave from work the next day to spend time with my Lola. I was with my Mom and she told me not to cry in front of her... I didn't. I had to be strong for my Lola.

However, my Lola did see that my eyes were swollen... It was back in September that a friend of her told me that my Lola told her about that day. My Lola told some people that it broke her heart seeing me with swollen eyes... My Mom also told me that Lola would often ask her how I was. Even at that point she'd still think of others. She thought of how her apo was... That made me real sad...

It's been months and I still haven't moved on. I still miss my Lola very very much. The campaign has been keeping all of us busy but at the same time, we miss her words of wisdom, her patience, her faith, her optimism...

In my cellphone, my wallpaper is a picture of me and her... It's something I can no longer change. I made a decision that it would always be the wallpaper of my cellphone.

I just tell myself that Lola's in a better place now... She doesn't have to suffer anymore.

No one can ever take her place. In my family, everyone's stepping up to fill in that void. It can never be the same but at least all of us are loving and supporting one another.

I'm proud of my family. I'm proud of my name. I'm lucky to say in confidence that my grandparents were good people. They raised 5 wonderful children. They were awesome parents and great leaders.

Before I tear up... I'll say goodbye for now.

Keep the faith dear reader... Keep the faith. Mabuhay tayong lahat!


ched said...

Hold on to those happy memories you had with your Lola. I am overwhelmed with every story you blogged here sir jiggy about her. I wish you and your whole family a peace of mind, keep the love and support with each and every one of you. As what you have said, keep the faith. I know your Lola Cory is very proud of you. Be Happy and keep that smile on your face always. :D

Helvie said...

I agree that we should keep the faith just what I am doing..
When I saw your Mom and your Tita Kris here on Iloilo, I was the happiest person on earth.sino ba ang mag-aakala na nangyari ang matagal ko nang pangarap.Nakita ko sa personal ang dalawang anak ng mga bayani na kilala sa buong mundo...
after that., I told myself, Keep the FAITH..

My Life's A-musings said...

Thank God im a Filipino. And thank God i was born in this lifetime because i got to share it with tita Cory even if she does not know me.

fishda chronicler said...

hi jiggy! I became interested on you because of your relationship with your lola. We share the same sentiments when it comes to loving our grandmas. Like you, I love my lola very very much, she's my mom's best-friend. Lola has been there for us ever since our ate (eldest sibling) was a baby. She helped our mom and dad raised us - in all aspects of life, (emotionally, spiritually and even financially - I remember she used to pay our tuition fee by her monthly pension and even sell sampaguita in our school just to give me a baon) same with you, my lola is our no.1 hero. She's 90 years old and she keeps herself busy not by looking for us anymore (since we're grown ups now) but by tending her garden, watching american idol, sometimes cooking if she's in the mood and trying her luck in lotto :). I miss her too since she's at the province and I'm working here in Manila. One of the reasons why I'm excited for the upcoming holidays is my homecoming to Nueva Ecija, my reunion/bonding moments with my lola :). Thru your blog, I'm reminded that I should go home more often to show my gratitude and love for my lola. I'm also reminded that we're so blessed because we still have her around. I can't wait to go home and be with my granny :)

t e i n said...

..it's been quite a while since the last time i commented,hm, i guess everyone's real busy these days, huh? :D
..kuya, it is so sad to hear such words from you, i know until now you can't move on, and we understand because, we all know how much you love your lola. But, be strong. Maybe, she will be happy if you'll all reflect to her teachings. Make her as your inspiration to carry on and continue life happily, i know you can do it kuya Jiggy :D.
..btw, it's my 18th birthday today, sounds crazy, but i really wish you could greet me haha :D im your follower on twitter (iamtein)
..more powers to your family, God bless. S M I L E : D