Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesdays #3 and #4

Sorry, I was quite tired last week. Didn't have the energy to post an entry... Sometimes you just get really tired after work.

Anyway, first of all, I now have 393 followers on this blog!!! Thanks a lot to everyone following this. I really appreciate it! But to be honest, I appreciate those who comment more! You know who you are! :) I get to see how the readers feel when they comment.

I have no topic in mind whatsoever so I guess I can tell you what's been going on in my life.

Last week I was told that I made it to the Twitteratti on spot.ph. It's really strange for me because I never considered myself as popular. Sometimes I ask myself, "Am I really that interesting to be followed?" So to the 21000+ on twitter and the special 393 here on The Tangled Web... Many thanks!

I don't know if I'm allowed to say it yet but I won't fill you in on the full details. Believe it or not, I'll be endorsing a watch pretty soon. It's fairly new so please don't expect Philip Stein. That's reserved for my Tita Kris. But this one is pretty cool! As soon as I can show you guys, I will post it here. Miguel and I will be on the billboard together with a popular love-team in showbiz. Blind item na lang yan muna.

I tweeted my "after work" schedule will be busy... It's because of interviews and photoshoots. April, I'll be appearing on Metro Society and Meg Magazine. I try as much as possible to accomodate these requests for as long as work permits me too. Have to be nice :)

That's probably the last time I'll talk about what's happening in detail. I wanted something different this week. Haha.


Oh yeah, summer's on the way. To the graduates, CONGRATS!!! Take a well deserved break. Cherish your last vacation. But!!! And it's a big but!!!

1. Please don't spend too much time with the vacation. You want to get a job as early as possible. If you can work Mid-May, GO FOR IT! Be ahead of the pack!

2. Apply apply apply apply apply. Go to as many interviews.

3. Pray :)


jeankaycee said...

hi jiggy! been reading your blogs for quite sometime now, truly been enjoying as you share your experiences and insights to all of us. hope you get a rest you deserve. and regarding your watch endorsement can i give a guess regarding it? would it be "$\/\/Atcl+??? . til your next blog! :)

iam_annecy said...

wow Jiggy, di ka na ma-reach talaga, artista ka na---billboards, endorsements, magazine "coverboy", and meron ka na "ka-Loveteam" ha! =)
well, good luck to both you and Miguel! God Bless You and the rest of your family (esp your Tito Noy)...

Pranses said...

Ahahaha :))
Sikat ka na po Mr. Jiggy!
You're really worth following for..

kent japhet said...

Hi Kuya Jiggy,
Congrats!magiging endorser ka na tulad ng Tita Kris mo..Tanong lo lang,saan ba ako makakabili ng necklace na yellow ribbon ang pendant?wala kasi dito sa Iloilo..

Joan Lorraine said...

i'l probably look for a job right now coz ive been on vacation for like a month.haha!

and congratulations! to your watch endorsement.another Aquino lined up in EDSA..whew! keep it up! :]

woahthatsdeep said...

Check out the first comic on Cory & Ninoy!


I'm an independent biographical artist, and I wanted to show it you you or anyone in your family before it hits print. I'd love to hear what you think!


Lhai Cruz said...

Wow. You are now an endorser just like your Tita Kris. Galing galing!!! Not surprising though, basta Aquino naman credible eh...
Good luck sa inyo ni Miguel!!!

Jerick said...

sometimes, we can get really tired na the last thing we wanted to do after work is to make a blog post. although blogging can be an avenue to address one's work-related stress.

juli said...

uhmmm...ask ko lang..alam mo ba qng saan ang venue ng pupuntahan ng Tita kris at Mom mo dito sa Iloilo on March 11? we really want to meet them..or kahit makita at mapakinggan man lang..pls...pls.. pls inform us..wala na kasi kaming mapagtatanungan...we were excited about the news na pupunta sila dito sa Iloilo pero baka hindi naman namin sila makikita kasi we have a class on that day at least pwede naming maarrange ang schedule namin...salamat..ikw lang tlga ang pag-asa namin...hai

Jin said...

Hi Jiggy. :) My mom is from the Cabuyao plant but has mentioned meeting you at the Rockwell office one time. According to her, you are one respectful guy. Just to share, both of you say the same thing about work---that it is really, really tiring! Well it really must be because Mama looks really tired when she comes home from the office. :(

Hazel said...

Level up na kayo ah with your endorsements.. hehe! Keep it up and stay humble.. =)

Darleen said...

bagay sa u maging model =)

Gian Carlo said...

I see, so you and Miguel are going to endorse a new brand of watch, I'm glad that the Aquino grandchildren are appearing more in public, we really need models of youth like you Jiggy.

Ella said...

Hello ;)

Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions you have for graduating students like me. :)

I've already told myself that my last "summer vacation" is over (last year) so this April and May I'm preparing myself for your apply, apply, apply, apply and pray advice. Waaahh goodluck sa akin :)

Anyway, I didn't know that Noynoy cups are already available on 7-11. I'll have my own soon ;)

God bless! Me and my family are team Aquino always and I'll include in my prayers as well for Senator Noynoy to be the next president. :)

Helvie said...

Hi Jiggy..congrats sa endorsement mo..God Bless,,

innow said...

Aww, you really considered your followers here in your blog a little extra special eh? hahaha.

Such a good guy from a very very nice family.

God bless you and your family more Jiggy! :)

innow said...

You really consider your followers here in your blog a little special eh? You're such a good guy.

A nice guy from a very very nice family.

God bless you and your family more Jiggy!

Ceeyannah21 said...

HI Jiggy! Alam mo to be honest nakakaaliw ka.Hindi nakakabato yung mga entry mo. You're different from other guys kasi yung pagiging cool mo natural hindi fake; hindi pilit na pilit natural lang. keep it up pare!

t e i n said...

..haha, :D im glad to be one of those 393 followers of yours kuya Jiggy.
..you are indeed known in the country now, and i hope you are enjoying it though, you're a private type of person, haha, just enjoy lang po, and i know you'll get used to it.
..thanks for sharing to us your thoughts, it do inspires us a lot.
..Godbless po kuya. :D

t e i n said...

..haha, another thing, i hope you dont get irritated with my comments, kasi, lagi po aqng mahaba mag post, haha :D Hope i could be worth for your patience. Thanks po ulit. :D