Sunday, March 14, 2010

O.D.M. - Pilipinas Watch :)

OK, I got a greenlight to blog about this. So here it is! It's the watch I was telling you guys about. :)

This is by O.D.M. :D The first billboard is up and it features Kim and Gerald. It's along EDSA. Northbound - Boni Station.

I love the watches! They gave me a Black, Yellow, and White. I normally wear the Yellow variant. I think they're pretty awesome! Now I can show the Philippine map on my wrist!

My cousin Miguel and I are endorsing these and the billboard will be up by April. We're nervous and excited at the same time.

The watches are exclusively sold at all L Time Studio branches and it retails for 4700. But they give 10% off so the watches will be around 4200. :)

The watches light up when you need to tell the time in a cinema or at night. While idle, text will scroll across the screen and will show "BAYANG MAGILIW...  PILIPINAS..." I think it's awesome!!!

They're targeted for the youth I know. Thankfully, they still think I'm part of the youth. Haha! But do check these watches out :D


Joan Lorraine said...

weee... i knew it..uhmmm almost. but i thought of ODM already when you said about it on your blog. haha ;p

i definitely gonna buy some for my newphew and niece. coz at their young age they loved NINOY and CORY already. they've been asking to buy ODM before,but i think they would love to have these design that you endorsed. keep safe ^^

Sammy Mata said...

I love them! I just wish they're cheaper though. :)) I'm looking forward to seeing your billboard. God bless! :D

Sheila Mae :) said...

Nice one! I like the yellow color :)

innow said...

i like the white one better. this is so cool and it really fits the summer season :)

I wish i have one, haha.

Hazel said...

of course, you're still part of the youth.. hehe! Looking forward to see a photo of your billboard! I hope you can post it so we can see.. Enjoy your endorsement!

t e i n said...

..haha!! i just saw that billboard last April 5. I was travelling going to MOA, when i saw that, you with your cousin kuya Miguel.
..wew!! that was awesome, you have a billboard now!! nice one Kuya Jiggy :D
..i pray that a lot of people will like the product you're endorsing, coz' it's really nice and cooooool. :D