Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lola's Birthday coming up...

This Monday, January 25, it will be the first time we'll be celebrating Lola's birthday without her. I have to be honest, there are days wherein I just become really sad because I remember her. I saw a grandchild helping out the grandmother enter a van. Seeing that made me miss my Lola so much since I helped her walk a lot during her final year in her life.
Death is something that is difficult to digest. I'm telling you. It's nasty. But my Lola, for some reason, foresaw this and she made a prayer... "Prayer for a Happy Death". In that prayer mentions the loved ones that are left behind. "Let them not mourn for me long for it is only temporary". 

I believe my Lola. There is a heaven and in the end, and I'll see her when my time comes. 
Not mourning will only make it worse...  Do not pretend that all is well. YOU HAVE TO GRIEVE if you're going through mourning. If you don't, it'll hit you harder. Believe me. Instead, celebrate the life of that person. 

On Monday, I'll celebrate my Lola's life and legacy she left behind. She's touched soooo many lives in life and death. 

I know I've been blogging a lot about my Lola but I can't help it. I don't want her being forgotten. In a way, I want to pass on the lessons I learned from her. 

So to the people reading this blog and comment that they get inspired, Thank you very much. I'm happy it does. I will do my best to do that.

Let me leave this entry with a quote from my Lola.

"If there is one last thing that I want to do, I would like to reconnect with the real strengths
   and underlying virtues of Filipinos, the fine attributes which make our people not only
   worth dying for, but equally important worth living and sacrificing for."
                                                                                                       Cory Aquino


Victoria Melissa said...

Hi jiggy!

we'll be paying tribute to your lola too this monday..godbless you!

Lhai Cruz said...

When I read your family's interview in YEs mag, I can't help but be sad somehow. Especially yung story na nung first bday ng mom mo na wala na si Pres. Cory, ur mom tried her best not to cry. She is truly missed. But I know she is in a happy place already.
Never will i forget all that she did for our country. A lot of times, pag wala ako ginagawa, i just browse articles about her so that I may always be reminded of how she selflessly shared her life with the Filipino people. She is simply the best. We all owe her a lot. And all i can ever do to repay that is to be the person I can be and to never forget her.

Gelai said...

hi jiggy, im one of your blog follower, everytime you have new post i read it immediately, because its inspiring and its not boring to read... (except comics di ako makarelate hehe )And count on me...NOYNOY ako sa May election ituloy natin ang pinaglalabasn ni President Cory at Sen. Ninoy...ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESIDENT CORY...

Gian Carlo said...

Jiggy, my tita Cora (who took care of your Uncle Noy) will be there in your lola's birthday, just wanted you to know :)

t e i n said...

..One book that i have read before mentioned about the process of "detachment". This is the way of letting go from something. The only thing that you can do to be able to detach from something,is to let that thing PENETRATE you. Like in losing someone very important to you,to be able to get through the pain is to definitely, let that feeling pass on you. Let yourself experience that pain FULLY so that after it,you may finally say to yourself that "i've gone through this, and it's now nothing to me coz i've been through this". Let yourself experience every bit of that feeling for you to detach from it.
..we are all witness of what you have gone through this past months, and it is impossible for us not to understand you with what you are going through in this part of your life. This may sound odd, but Kuya, you are a very nice person and i know you are a strong one as well coz i have proven that myself. Just "detach" from whatever unpleasant feeling you are having now, and i believe all will be well.
..Just always have faith in God. Tita Cory has marked her legacy in the hearts of every Filipino. You are very proud of her, and I am so sure, she is also very proud for having a grandson like you. Someone very genuine and someone with a big heart towards other people.
..Smile Kuya Jiggy :D God Bless po.

Hazel said...

hi! keep on blogging about your Lola, it can help you ease the grieving. And yes, death doesn't mean you'll forget. Your Lola is worth remembering. =)

Lhai Cruz said...

Happy bday to our dearest Cory.

melissa said...

i can't help leaving a comment upon reading this blog of yours...specially when i read this "I have to be honest, there are days wherein I just become really sad because I remember her" ...this is exactly wat i feel too. feel sad when i remember my dad, he passed away last august 7, 2009...4 days before his bday. must say...hard to move on though u have to. thanks for sharing ur thoughts...spread the love! God bless.