Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Lola

A year ago, the family heard mass for the last time with my Lola on her birthday. It was just a small group. I remember serving during that mass and at the end, Lola thanks each and everyone who dropped by to pray with her. She was always the type of person who would never forget to say thank you.

Towards the last few months of her life, I would be one of the people who would accompany her while walking. I'd always offer my right arm to guide my Lola and she would always say thank you afterwards. Even in the hospital, she would never fail to say thanks to the nurses.

Last Saturday, as I was watching MMK, I couldn't help but miss her when I saw Bea Alonzo portraying her. Bea did a great job in being mahinhin and she had that kind face just like my Lola. I know how much of a loving mom she was to my mom and her siblings. If you watched the show, she played mom and dad since Lolo Ninoy took care of the country. That was the split, family-Cory, country-Ninoy. Pretty tough huh?

Yesterday, I went to the Cory SWATCH watch launch at the Ayala Museum and there was this flash presentation of he pictures. I saw a picture of me with my Lola and she was carrying me. I felt sad and happy at the same time. It has always been like that. Happiness and Sadness contradicting each other. I miss Lola very much but at the same time you feel that happiness since so many people love her.

Today, I went to work, and I went to mass at lunch. I prayed for Lola on her special day. It's the first time I don't have a card for her on Jan 25. But I guess this time, it's just a small tribute in remembering her on her birthday. She would have been 77.

Happy Birthday Lola. I love you and I miss you everyday... Thanks again for everything! I know you're spending it for the first time with Lolo after so many years. Please say hi to him for me...


Hazel said...

This is really touching.. Your entries about your lola are inspiring. Happy Birthday Cory!

Ria Arana said...

heartbreaking, but equally inspiring, entry. :) i suddenly remembered a line from the Harry Potter series, "the ones who love us never truly leave us."

JP Anonuevo said...

Your lola will always be with you. The entire nation misses her.

I have a curious question though...what's your reaction to certain moves to have her beatified?

God bless you and your family, Jiggy.

Lhai Cruz said...

sobrang kakasad nga dahil wala na xa, but let us just rejoice in the thought that she is now happy in the arms of our Lord.

t e i n said...

..i know your lolo and lola is now happy being finally together. It's a day to be thankful for, so don't forget to SMILE po. Belated happy birthday president Cory.
..btw, during the Family Feud show, i noticed the wrist watch you were wearing, was that a Cory Swatch? hm, kc it looks so nice po :D yellow.
..God bless po.

Gian Carlo said...

Belated happy birthday to Pres. Cory, your uncle Noy's bday naman is coming up! :D

margx the wanderer said...

hey jiggy! im always reading ur blog <:

anyway, just wanted to share na i've always felt for you and your family with your lola. it hurt me a lot too since she was one of my heroines. but i just realized that mas masakit pala talaga compare sa naramdaman ko nun nawala ang lola nio pag nangyari na rin sa akin yun.. mas nadama ko how you guys are feeling until now.. life after she's gone.. i just lost my lola the day after your lola's birthday.. ironically, she turned a yr older the day before your lola's birthday.. no more lolo too and she also died coz of the big C. hayy.. iba na talaga life ano? with out our lolas..
read mo din my lola's last parade.. hope to hear from you too <: have a great day!