Monday, January 4, 2010

For the 320 Followers of The Tangled Web

I am not posting this on Twitter.

Here I am posting this entry for the loyal follower :)

So welcome to the Q&A part 2.

But this time, I'll put some rules.

1 question only. I can't do 20 questions at once. It's draining. Sorry.

I can't answer all questions. I have to maintain some level of privacy. :)

But either way, you can ask away :)

It may be a while until the next Q&A...

I'll close questioning Friday. January 8 at 12nn. :)


Monnette said...

I'm new to blogging. I don't even know how to start hehehehe. All I know is that I enjoy visiting your blog. I get inspired in a lot of ways-- really!!! Just by reading your posts, I am easily motivated to lose weight, be better at work, be punctual, etc. And I get a healthy dose of hilarity too. hehehe. Since you will accept questions from your loyal followers- here is mine.. If you could be Spiderman for a day, how would you spend your time being Spiderman?

luiboi said...

hi jiggy!i just noticed that most of your posts regarding comics are about comic book writers w/c brings me to my question:

"who is/are your favorite comic book artist/penciller?"

nyza_09 said...

good day!
thanks anyway for giving a chance to those who was not be able to post their questions on your blog...
and now, here is my simple question..
wala akong maisip eh...
*what was your reaction when you first saw on tv or even heard in a radio about the maguindanao massacre?are you affected?
*any new year's resolution?
oops, sorry if naging dalawa ata yung tanongm ko,, hoping na masagot mo lahat... :)
bless yah!..

tin said...

hey im just curios. what's going on? what is the purpose of the Q&A?

haha im a voter now.

yish said...

Hi kuya jiggy! nagsisimbang gabi rin po ba kayo?

Pranses said...

Hi again Mr. Jiggy!
Magtatanong lang po ulit. :P

-- anu pong ginagamit niyong pang-sulat.. kanan or kaliwa? :))
-- nagbabasa po ba kayo ng archie comics? eh ng horror stories?
-- may gf na po ba kayo? just asking. :D

Thank you in advance! :)

Pranses said...

Sorry po sumobra yung akin. :P

angeL said...

hello!! I heard that you love the movie 500 days of summer.. why?

catzieblue said...

Hi Jiggy,

If you were a super hero, what would your powers be and who will be the first villain you will face?

gladys said...

what was the worst criticism your family has ever received?

The Miata Mommy said...

Here's mine: If you could've chosen another course in college - what would it be? Please do mention what course you did end up taking. I just assume it's a Management course since you opted for a corporate job.


shout it out! said...

have you ever been to divisoria? how frequent? :D

charliehotelalpha said...

Hi Jiggy! Please disregard this if this was previously asked (gaya mo, nahilo rin ako sa unang Q and A SOBRANG binaha ng tanong LOL).

What was the sweetest thing you've ever done for a girl?

Thank you...xo Tsah

ccagakit9 said...

How do you redirect your domain name to I've been asking you this twice in twitter but I didn't receive any response yet :(

maan said...

why do you have a Q&A? Are your followers demanding it?

Just wanna know.

Ceeyannah21 said...

hello poh,,, this is me again, tanong lang po ng friend ko na si carl,

"paano ba magmahal ang isang jiggy cruz?"

thank you po..

Gian Carlo said...

Hi Jiggy, question time again I see, ok here goes:

Question: Do you find the Marvel cosmology difficult to grasp? with all the pocket universes,multiverse,omniverse, and alternative earth versions?

The Awesome Ramona! (Haha) said...

I'm a follower pero anonymous... does that count? Okay lang if you won't post or answer this one... :)


Julienne said...

Hi! It`s me again :D If you were to be an author, what would be your first story about? :) Oh! and can you be prom date? Haha. God bless!

Pamela said...

oh yeah. it's back. love it. thanks for the part two! :)

anyway, i hope you'd dare to answer my q.

here is it.

if your tito noy won't be running for president, who would you be voting for?

i know it's a real tough question, but i'm just curious. :)

My Father's Daughter said...

hmmm... i have so many questions i would like to ask of you, but first things first, congratulations for being a good citizen of this country, i just have this feeling that with or without your middle name, you are indeed a good person (but i know that is part of who you are). thank you for giving the youth somebody that is inherently a good person to emulate, idolize or just follow in tweeter or here in blogspot. your blog is always a goos read.

so, my question. aren't you sometimes get annoyed of your tita kris? for being brutally frank which most of the times borders to tactlesness.

i hope and pray thay you tito noy and mar would be our next leader, together will all senators in the LP lineup.

t e i n said...

..hi kuya Jiggy!! uhm, first of all i wanna apologize for the last Q&A po kasi, andami qng tinanung. Feel like it was my fault kea nahilo ka ng sobra, so sooooooorrrryyyy po :'c glad to know that you have decided to have another round of questions.. kea po, if you don't mind.. HERE'S YOUR ONE MILLION PESOS JACKPOT QUESTION (harhar!!)
..since you haven't answered some of my questions, i wanna ask again:
what is your story behind being a super "comic fan"? how it all started po??

..hope you would answer it po kuya, thanks so much and God bless ^^,).

The New Radical said...

hello jiggy...i've already asked a question in your 1st Q&A and i never got to thank now let me say, THANK YOU for answering my question!
anyway, i have another question for you...i have read in a magazine interview that your mom (Ballsy Aquino-Cruz) never wanted any of her sons (meaning you & jonty) to enter politics.
my questions are:
1. what if the situation calls for "an Aquino" to run for public office, would you heed the call (or clamor) of the Filipino people, as what happened to your Uncle Noy? why or why not?
2. if you agreed to run (and disobey your mom!), what do you think your mom would say? hehehe...

hope you'll answer my questions (again). and thank you in advance!

Meg said...

Are you allowed to date/marry non-Chinese girls? just curious. :)

Adrienne said...

The period when your mom was old enough to get married was the same time your lolo and the nation were going through tough times.

Just curious how your mom managed to go through her personal life and celebrate milestones in such a situation. Where/how did your parents meet, by the way? (I think there's a similar scene in Isay Alvarez's play but I was not able to watch it.)

juli said...

Low's me again.. Are you also interested in manga? Or novels? wala lang, I Just want to know...hehe

John Henry Ramos Delig said...

Hey, jiggy! Any advice for a first time blogger like me? I like how you write, always interesting! Keep it up!