Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What can we do for Philippine Comics?

When I was in Grade School, I thought of putting up a Comic Book Publishing House in the Philippines. When Avalon Studios came here, I wanted to do what they were doing. It would be me organizing everything. Recruiting writers and artists, promoting reading local comics, and showcasing the talents of Filipinos to everyone.

But there was someone who told me that you have to be in one of the Big 2 (Marvel and DC) to be successful in the industry.

Is that true? That there's no way for Pinoy Komiks to succeed?

I'll have to disagree on that one. I really think that ANYTHING in this world is possible. It is that never say die attitude that takes you places. It is having the heart and dedication for that thing you love to do.

I bumped into Carlo Pagulayan at Druid's Keep a couple of weeks back and he told me an idea. I thought it was an idea worth building on. Something for the future.

But hey, what can one man do?

So if by any chance you're a Fanboy and in the Philippines, give me a shout out or an idea.

What can we do for Philippine Comics?

I'll be waiting...

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Mark Rosario said...

Cool blog you have here, bro. I think simply spreading the word about komiks can make a big difference. We really do not lack good titles in our country but the main concern is distribution and marketing.