Monday, January 19, 2009

The I AM NINOY 100 Initiative

Over the holidays last year, I met up with Tito Rapa who's spearheading the I AM NINOY campaign.

I pitched an idea and he's all for it. I'm still fixing the rules and guidelines but since I was given the green light already by the organizer of the event (Mr. Ernest Hernandez), I'm gonna blog about it.

This August, the first ever Manila Comic-Con will be held!!!

So to chip in to the event, I'm organizing a contest called the I AM NINOY 100 initiative. (Working title)

100 pieces of artwork that depicts what it means to be a Ninoy today.

Open to the public.

Plus some pros can chip in their work if they want to.

Still have to polish some things but this one's a go :)


ciara said...

great concept jiggy!

and then you can also publish it into a book! get the rights and permission for publication of the art works; make it part of the contest guidelines.. :)

great way to showcase filipino talent!

Stalmannen said...

I agree with what Ciara (the previous comment) said...this is a great concept that can be published into a book, which I believe will sell good! I'm definitely gonna get one!

By the way, if you have time Jiggy, you might wanna take a look at this "reconstructed" Lupang Hinirang video that I found on YouTube ( ), which is the second time that I saw both Rizal and your Lolo Ninoy at the same video (the 1st was on the music video "Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo").

The YouTube channel was pretty much dedicated in your lolo's honor. I'm thinking that maybe it's you (or your cousins) who put it up.

iamNinoy! Mabuhay! =D