Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Geek Out Session #1: Criminal by Ed, Fringe, and Attack of the Show

So I'm gonna start with this new session. A time for me to relax, unwind, and geek out.

There was this Sale at Power Plant last January 2-4 and I always make it a point to visit the Fully Booked there. 20% ON ALL GRAPHIC NOVELS YO!!!

After much thought during December, I decided to spend on some things that would make me happy. I'll talk about my purchases some other time. But for now, I would like to mention that I got the 1st volume of Criminal by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. Coward is the 1st arc and JEEZLAWEEZ! I underestimated this. I have the 1st issue as a single but I never got to finish it. I got bored. So I gave another go since I read some very positive reviews.

They were all right!!! This was indeed a crime noir story. I loved it!!! My brother read it before and he said that it will snap the #$%^ out of you. The ending will break you! True enough. Why the hell would a Crime story about a Criminal be all goody goody in the end? It was just the most awesome page-turner I've read in quite a while...

I started reading issue 1 and I couldn't let go of the book... I have volume 2 already. Yes. It's that damn awesome!

Also, over the holidays, iTunes had this 99 cent sale on TV Series. I decided to use my last few remaining downloads on JJ Abrams' FRINGE. It stars Aussie newcomer Anna Torv and Charlie Conway himself, Joshua Jackson.

It's like the X-Files! But set in the modern times. It was just so freaky and strange that I loved it! Thankfully I can catch it locally on CS9. Mondays at 9pm. The episode last night about the Observer was some freaky shiz. It's an amazing show! Try and catch it!

Finally, I've been reading Wizard Magazine and I keep seeing this girl called Olivia Munn. She's part of G4, the evolved "Tech TV" (Gosh, I SO MISS THAT CHANNEL... :( ) She host's Attack of the Show. It's about Technology, Geeks, and friggin Comics Man!!! And Blair Butler is there!!! She's a contributor to GEEK MONTHLY MAGAZINE!!! AARRGGHHH!!! It can be seen locally on MAXXX. But you know what??? WE DON'T HAVE SKYCABLE!!! NOOOOO!!! Olivia Munn is cool girl. She's perfect for Fanboys!!! She dresses up like Wonder Woman and as Slave Leia. No who can top that? She's gorgeous as well. Plus add Blair Butler to the mix! That woman KNOWS her Comics!!!

I wish Destiny Cable would carry MAXXX :(

Oh well...

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