Monday, January 12, 2009

Jiggy's Book of the Week (WEEK 3)

I only have 3 titles this week so there's really no big competition here.

It's a toss up between Invincible Iron Man #9 and The Sword #14

I'm gonna have to give it to...
Invincible Iron Man #9

Why? Well I guess I'm just rather bummed about The Sword's ending. The Holy Sh*t factor wasn't just there for me... It is an awesome book but this issue didn't deliver my expectations.

Ok, so for Iron Man. I'm liking the way Matt Fraction involving Maria Hill into the story. She's another Marvel Character worth following now. I'm also liking Tony's status quo. Stark Tech being synonymous to failure just makes Iron Man's life more interesting for me as a reader. The Spidey formula is working for me on this one. Bendis' idea of bringing Peter Parker's world to all heroes is just friggin interesting!!! What's gonna happen next?

The Invasion affected Tony Stark a lot! He gave Stark Tech to Pepper Potts and now, Pepper did the hard decision of closing it. So as we know it, there is NO MORE Stark Industries!!!

World's Most Wanted is doing great so far. I just hope Matt Fraction doesn't leave this book. His worst move was leaving Immortal Iron Fist!!! That was just pure fanboygasm! Such a shame he left so early...

So far, in the Book of the year awards, Wolverine 70 is still the best. We'll see, there's 49 more weeks!

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