Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jiggy's Book of the Week (WEEK 2)

I have 2 weeks worth of Comics but I don't think any of my remaining titles can beat this one.

For Week 2 my pick is...
Wolverine #70, Old Man Logan Part 5

Spoilers Ahead.

Team Civil War ROCKED my Fanboy expectations for this one. Mark Millar and Steve McNiven did an awesome job with the big reveal of why Logan has decided not to pop his claws for over 50 years.

I'll start with the Art first. McNiven is just one of THE best damn artists today. They're so clean plus the detail is just awesome. He draws the best Logan. (Other than Leinil Yu of course) The beard is perfect! I can see every damn stubble in Logan's beard! The bloodshed was snikity-snikt marvelous!

Ok, so on to the story. The Old Man Logan story is about a possible Marvel future. One day, all the super-villains just decided to group. They realized that they outnumbered all the superheroes so they woke up and killed the superheroes. Logan and Clint Barton (Hawkeye) are one of the few surviving heroes in the world in that future.

So now comes the big reveal. Why has Logan stopped? So one night at the Xavier Mansion, villains invaded. Logan smelled them from a far while talking to Jubilee. A blast comes and Jubilee gets a huge piece of wood on her skull. Logan kills Doctor Octopus, The Green Goblin, Silver Samurai, Absorbing Man, etc. He looks for Cyclops and the others to no avail. He keeps on fighting. Bullseye remains. And in the dying words of Bullseye, he says "Why Logan, I thought you were one of us?"

Then goes "Oh Dear!" as said by friggin Mysterio! "In behalf of the criminal community, thank you Logan"

Wolverine just friggin killed all the members of The X-Men!

What a twist! Didn't see that one coming!

Logan is just heartbroken. He goes to the train rails and puts his head there. He punishes himself. What a panel... He never pops his claws again... Didn't even join the battle in Las Vegas...

Mark Millar just continues to amaze me with his ideas. I feel I under rate this guy because of Bendis. I'm sorry Mr. Millar. I'll never do that again. I promise. You will always one of my favorite writers.

My only complaint was the cliffhanger... Seriously... A T-REX with a Venom symbiote? Jeez...

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