Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jiggy's Book of the Week (WEEK 1)

So 2 weeks worth of comics were delayed in the Philippines because of the holidays. Government Offices were closed so no one could be able to deliver the new comics to the shops. So finally, they're here. So for Week 1 of 2009.

My pick of the week is...

The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #2

Spoilers Ahead.

Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba continue to deliver awesomeness for the 2nd straight issue in Dallas! The opening pages were heartbreaking. There was this panel where in 2 new Villains appear in a diner. They show no mercy whatsoever for the Chef and the Waitress... Damn... I felt so bad...

These 2 new Villains are on a mission to find Number Five.

The Krakken belives that something's not right. (As always with him) and he tries to wake the shit out of Spaceboy who is now obese. Rumor leaves the Academy for a breather and Seance is getting drunk while talking to the tomb of Dr. Pogo who actually answers Seance back!!! Holy Bananas Batman!!!

Rumor finds Number Five and SHE WANTS TO KNOW EVERYTHING!

The 2 Villains arrive at the Academy and they knock out Seance...

The character development is getting better plus this new mystery of Number Five is making me more excited about this book. Can't wait for #3 but sadly it's the halfway point of Dallas.

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