Sunday, September 4, 2011

Crazy Stupid Love

Movie #28 in my 50 Movies in 2011 goal... I have a looong way to go. I need to watch 2 movies each in the next month to catch up... 

I watched a movie by myself today. Not just any movie. I watched a romantic comedy alone... Sucks to be me. I texted Misha and said that I was crazy and stupid to watch it alone. I just missed her more... I can't watch another romantic comedy alone. Never again. Lesson learned. 

It was a pretty good movie. The cast brought it together. Steve Carell was awesome as usual. But I thought Ryan Gosling was hilarious! Emma Stone proved that she's the next Hollywood IT girl. I couldn't predict the movie really. Which was good because if I get surprised, it's a great flick! There was something about the film that I couldn't predict. You'll just have to watch and see.

Romantics will enjoy this movie. You never give up on your soulmate as the movie says. No matter the challenges or speedbumps along the way, you never give up. Right? :)

Love... How can a four letter word be so complicated? Hahaha. Honestly, who knows what it means? I think it's relative. But you know what? I believe it what makes us wake up everyday to go to work or to school or to where ever it may be. We wake up for the people we love. 

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