Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tony Stark's Water Bottle!

A friend of mine is selling these awesome water bottles called the KOR ONE BPA Free Hydration Vessel! Pretty cool name huh? Well, it's gotta have an awesome sounding name since this is the bottle being used by none other than IRON MAN himself! Check out Tony Stark's picture below!

I'm not really a heavy water drinker but KOR believes in sustainable hydration. Basically using less plastic is what they want. So I got one of these babies from my friend who's selling a limited number of KOR units. The Ice Blue color is what he's carrying now and it's going for 1,250 a piece. If interested, you can text at 0917 5066880 to order.

I AM IRON MAN? Hahahaha! I really really don't drink as much water as I should... But I hope this will help me go H20 from now on. But you have to admit, the bottle looks pretty damn awesome!

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