Monday, September 12, 2011

VROOM! VROOM! (Only a Ferrari can do that in style!)

I remember when I was in Grade 6 I had this huge interest in collecting model cars. I got the 1:18 and 1:24 scaled MAISTO and BURAGO cars. Since I couldn't get a real one, I decided to get the smaller ones instead. I had a lot of the different sports cars but the ones I really liked were the red Ferraris! 

I had a classmate in Grade 6, Gelo, we became best friends since we found out that we collected these cars. Now, the guy's going to take the BAR and he'll probably have a Ferrari in no time once he's a big time lawyer! Haha! If you'll buy a sports car, you have to go BIG! Gotta get a Ferrari! Not just any color! It has to be RED! NagFerrari ka pa kung black or navy blue or silver! Diba?

I remember that the F50 was the in thing when I was in Grade School and that you could get them in SHELL Gas Stations! I loved going to SHELL Select when those cars were out! (Did you know that SHELL and Ferrari have been partners since 1929? Best Friends in the corporate world! I wonder if the Shell CEO drives one?) I think it's cool that the gas that powers one of the most powerful engines in the world is powered by Shell. 

Anyway, I don't do this much but this post is a special one! Yep! If you're a Ferrari fan, you might want to join this! I'm giving away SCUDERIA FERRARI merchandise from ITALY courtesy of SHELL! 

4 Scuderia Ferrari Coffee Mugs 


4 Scuderia Ferrari Caps

Now, I need 8 winners. (Can't have em both sorry. You have to choose! :) )

It's easy! All you have to do are the ff:

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If you like the Coffee Mug, 

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When you comment, YOU HAVE TO PUT IN YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS so I can let you know if you won. :)

You have until SEPTEMBER 17, Friday to answer :)

Winners will be randomly selected! :) 

BUT! I will give someone a cap/coffee mug whoever can give me a cool idea for a blog post! :) 

GAME? :) Good luck guys!!!