Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I'm back after a long hiatus! I know I haven't posted for quite some time now. A lot has been happening and I've forgotten that posting on this blog has been my way of destressing. Anyway, I have a pretty cool entry here. 

My cousin Brian who is the oldest in the Cruz side of the family got married in the US. (He lives there) So we went to his wedding. I'll have a separate entry for that.

Anyway, after the wedding, Jonty and I had a side trip to Boston. I've been to Boston once but it was just for a day. My Lola was still with us then... Bitin na bitin ako. I wanted to see more of the city where my family lived from 1980-1983.

First stop was the new Boston Garden! It's called the TD Garden now. The home of the Boston Bruins and of course, THE CELTICS!

There was no game since there's still no NBA. But! They give daily tours at the garden. :) Part of my bucket list is to see the 17 Banners of the Celtics and I can now cross it out! Entering the arena was pure bliss. It was so frikkin awesome to see where the Celtics play! 

Below you can see 2 ecstatic Celtics Fans.

I didn't know this and I'd like to share a bit of trivia. The TD Garden is owned by the Boston Bruins. The Celtics are just tenants of the garden. However! They are tenants that really well taken care of. :) Thus the banners are present. But it makes sense since the seats of the garden are black and gold.

At the lobby of the TD Garden

The entrance to the Boston Celtics' Locker Room. Sayang bawal pumasok.

The sacred Red Auerbach court! 

Aww yeah! 2008! We were robbed in 2010! 

Other than that, I'm a big Red Sox fan! Yes,  I follow MLB and I don't like the Yankees! But I hate the Lakers more. Ugh... Don't get me started on the Lake Show... Anyway, I treated Jonty to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. Just like the garden, seeing the home of the BoSox was fantastic! I particularly loved seeing the famous Green Monstah! (For the non baseball fans, the green monster is this huge green wall at Fenway Park :) It's a towering wall and you need to let the baseballs fly really high to get a home run)

At Yawkey Street, the entrance to Fenway Park :)



The Sox played the Oakland A's that day and unfortunately, Jonty and I witnessed a Beantown Beatdown on Boston! Sigh... They played so bad that day. But nonetheless, it was still awesome to see the Red Sox LIVE at home! I saw Dustin "Lazer Show" Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury, Adrian Gonzalez, and of course BIG PAPI David Ortiz!

For a regular game, the place was FULL! Another bit of trivia, the Red Sox is the most loved team in Boston. The Bruins, Celtics, and Patriots aren't as popular as the Red Sox. Man, do they love the Sox!

BIG PAPI's intro

Let's go Red Sox! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)

But the most significant part of the trip to Boston was meeting up with my Lola's Best Friend in Boston. We call her Tita Cherry. She's a dentist and she's married to a Doctor, Tito Steve. Unfortunately, Tito Steve passed away years ago. They were the best friends of my Lolo and Lola when they lived in Boston. Tita Cherry also took care of my mom and her siblings when they were in Boston. She's such a nice and warm person. She's lived in Boston since the 1950's.

 With Tita Cherry and her grandson Stephen

She took us around Boston one day. We had lunch in Chinatown and went to Harvard Square. :) She also brought us to her home and there she showed us my Lolo's draft of his arrival speech. It was typewritten with corrections. He then gave it to Tito Steve. His typewriter was also given to Tita Cherry's family. :) It was so cool to see my Lolo's final speech. It was framed in their living room. 

After the trip to her home, she brought us to Newton which is a town in Boston. It was where my Mom, Lola, Lolo and her siblings lived. They stayed in 175 Commonwealth Avenue. My Lola always said that it was the 3 happiest years. Now, 2 old women have been living there ever since. Jonty and I went down in front of the house to have a picture taken.

I fell in love with the city of Boston. I prefer the East Coast more really. Just the atmosphere, the brick buildings, the Charles River, the duck boats, the Boston Common... Aaahhh... Beantown! So cool! Til the next time! :)

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