Saturday, August 6, 2011


Hi everyone! Really proud to share this with you. It's my very first commercial! This is for SKY BROADBAND :) 

This was a huge surprise for me! Never thought I'd be in a commercial endorsing something! 

Life at 5mbps is just so amazing! For a free 15 day trial, call 631-0000 or visit :)

Guys, this connection is sooooooooooooo fast!!!


Elgine said...

.. Ahahah.. I saw your commercial kanina.. Whoooaaahhh.. Na gulat ako.. JIGGY CRUZ?? .. Oh well.. Cute.! Ahahah.. Sayo ba yung sword?? Meron din ako nun.!^-^

..Using sky broadband now.. Good thing na in-endorse mo.. Ahahah..

Keep safe Mr. Marketing.. Eheeemmm.. Ja. Arigatou. =)


Camille Romero said...

more blessings to come for you kuya :) congrats!

Metatron said...

I was totally surprised when I saw you on TV commercial as in I said. Wow si Jiggy Cruz may advertisement na? Others are asking me kung sino raw ikaw. I said you are the eldest son of Balsy.

How much is that for a month? I might recommend this in our home because we are having problem with our connection as well.

I am still your fan here :)

Jiggy Cruz said...

Hi Metatron

It's Php 999 a month :)

Thanks for the support!