Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thundercats Reboot is effin awesome!

I have a new favorite show!!! Thunder... Thunder. Thunder! THUNDERCATS HOOOO!!!! July 29 2011 was the debut of the much anticipated relaunch of the beloved 80s cartoon, Thundercats. It had 1 hour season premiere on Cartoon Network.

I've seen the first 4 episodes already and they're worth it! I'm a happy fan. I'm a big fan of the 80s cartoon and I loved that cartoon to death. I was a bit worried on how this would turn out but man this cartoon is effin awesome!!! Yes. It's THAT good! 

There are some changes from the original version but I can accept it. I like it. The biggest change is that Lion-O isn't a kid trapped in a man's body anymore. He's the new lord of the Thundercats who has to learn the ropes. 

The story's fantastic and the animation is even better. I'm really happy with it! What made me even more happy was the fact that they retained the sound effects. From the sword of omens to Cheetara's running. Fans of the old cartoon will like this and even new watchers. 

I HIGHLY. HIGHLY. Recommend this cartoon. Go watch it!


Lion-O and Tygra


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rontan said...

agreed! each episode is well written, the character designs are cool! for a moment i was worried too that it would be too anime, but now, i'm sold! i love that snarf is now cute. my favorite episode so far is the song of the petalars. i was teary eyed for a moment. hehe. the 5th one is out! cool backstory of panthro and grune. can't wait for next week! :D