Thursday, May 20, 2010



When you start working, you really have to follow the rules. If you're told to go to the province, you have to go there. Yesterday was a long and tiring day. It was my first time to Legaspi/Legazpi. (Sorry, I really don't know if it's S or Z) This was for work. I had a presentation to the Sales Team of South Luzon. 

My day started at 3:30am. I had a 6am flight. I tell you, it's so hard to wake up at that time. When you know that most of the people in the Philippines are happily asleep and you're not, the sleepiness really kicks in.

My highlight of the trip was when we were about to touchdown. Upon the descent, my boss woke me up and showed me Mayon. It was gorgeous! But sadly, it's not a perfect cone anymore... I was at the last row of the plane and they opened the tail end when we landed, Mayon was beautiful. I had a picture taken as soon as I landed in the tarmac. It was a good thing because when we left that afternoon, Mayon was covered by clouds already.

There are perks at work. You get to travel. The con is you have to get up early. But this trip was worth it just because of Mount Mayon. If there's one place I HAVE to go to, it's Bohol. I really want to see the Chocolate Hills... If you're not doing anything, If you have time, If you have the money to spend, go see The Philippines!!! Tourism means jobs :) 

I spent only a couple of hours there. Bitin... But I think I'll be back there pretty soon. :)


yish said...

Bohol is a hundred times awesome as it seems to be, I tell you!!! :D Really wonderful!

iam_annecy said...

did you just mention BOHOL?!?! YES, Bohol is a great place indeed!!! I have been there twice (and am supposed to go there last May1-4, because of my commitment with my noymar group, i haven't been able to go...i'm not blaming anyone here...hehehe)

anyway, go try see Bohol. i like it and now i LOVE it! if you like to have some quiet time; if you love nature; if you just love to go to BOHOL! :)

jeankaycee said...

hi jiggy!

the last time that i'ved seen mayon was when my great grandmother died long time ago, but it doesn't stop me from being amazed by the beauty of mayon. it has this mystic beauty that you cant really point out where its coming from.

regarding bohol, you should really go there! the place were amazing! chocolate hills are such a beauty! cant help myself to count them all but its a hopeless case for me. dont miss to see the tarsier as well coz they are cute as a button. also, the people are so friendly and they serve good food as well. beaches and historical churches are also a must see. wah, i suddenly wanted to go back in bohol!

well i do hope you find time to visit them, coz its so worth it!

Jazzy Jaz said...

Bohol is really a must-see! One proud Boholana here. :)

t e i n said...

..wah, SWERTE!! i think seeing the Mayon Volcano is one of the perfect things to do if you really want to relax. HAHAHA. Good for you Kuya. :D