Sunday, May 16, 2010


During the wake of my Lola last year. I knew who my best friends were. They were there from the beginning until the end...

Now, after the elections, the friends I knew who were my best friends remained the same. They were there to support me and my family all the way.

In this world, you really have to cherish your friends. You have to keep them close. Friends will be there at your best and worst days.

My life will change some more in the upcoming days. But my commitment is to stay the same. I owe it to everyone to be that same level-headed person as I have been raised. I owe it to my best friends to remain the same.

You see, I'm the type of person who really values relationships with other people. I take it very seriously. I may be busy most days but I try my best to make it up to my friends. :)

So to the one reading this, you have to keep your friends close. Believe me. You need them as much as they need you... Life is not fair. You need a friend to get you through life.


JP Anonuevo said...

Hi Jiggy,

I was just watching your lola's funeral while I was surfing the net (my daily routine). Just as you read the scriptures, my browser was at your blog (it's a routine for me to read your blog).

My eyes are still teary and it still makes me cry and choke with emotion every time I watch a documentary about your lola. I was one of her biggest supporters. I still am. I remember standing in line for hours (I lost count) just to get a glimpse of her at the Manila Cathedral. It was then that I promised her that as a Filipino citizen, I will help continue what she fought for. It was then that I put with finality that I will never even entertain the thought of migrating. I have to work and help make this country great.

I truly agree with you that friends are there for you no matter what. I proved that during the times I was down. Jiggy, you have a friend in me and the rest of the Filipino people. It's not because you're the grandson of Cory Aquino. It's because you are one admirable person.

Last May 10, I, along with millions of Filipinos, trooped to the polling precinct to make a difference. I chose to make a difference by voting for your uncle.

Whatever happens, I know that your life will never be the same (again). But I also know that like the term of your lola, I can see a brighter future for all of us, and that you will not let the changes get into your head. I can see how grounded you all are and I admire that.

God Bless you and your family, Jiggy.

john said...

very well said, Jiggy! i share the same sentiment. Btw, Congrats to President-elect Noy! We are all behind him.

doraima29 said...

I totally agree with you because I had lost a friend, and trying to gain new friends at school and at work. However, when you gain friends for a long time and they die. it is hard to accept, but i really appreciate it on how they cared whenever you are down and experiencing life as we know it. having fun and support will always be in our hearts, no matter what is going on. Always think positive and respect others as you are kind because it uplifts your own and others' souls.

Thessa said...

I agree! I count my friends as blessings and I will cherish them forever.

Carlo said...


why the cheese? r u ok?
late reactions... snow 2 blocks photos, hence, nakakawalang gana mag-basa ng blog sa office...

t e i n said...

..SO TRUE!!! Friends will always be your best companion anytime and anywhere. :D We have a saying, NO MAN IS AN ISLAND. I truly believe in that, 'cause no matter how independent you are, you will always need someone to be with you in most part of you lives.. GOD, family, a girlfriend or a boyfriend? given na 'yon e, but a friend is something far beyond special. :D
..friendly po ba kayo, kuya Jiggy? EEE, just to ask. Thanks again for reading. God Bless po. :D