Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last day of campaign

On May 10, we decide the future of our country.

Why should you vote for Noynoy Aquino?

I'm voting for my Tito Noy not just because he's the brother of my mom. I'm voting for him because we really need someone who can inspire change in the government. The word "politics" has been so negative for so many years in the Philippines and it's about time we bring back TRUST in the GOVERNMENT!

Corruption has been in our country for so many many years and you have all sorts of men wanting to stay in power forever and ever and ever. It makes me wonder how they can just take away the people's money... You call them leaders?

I am a descendant of Ninoy and Cory Aquino and I am just one proud grandson. The major responsibility? KEEP THE NAME CLEAN. That's why I am confident that no one in my family will ever tarnish the good name. You think my Tito Noy will ruin it just like that? Not a chance in the world...

Yes, he's not his parents but you can tell how a person is raised. That's why I know he'll be a good leader of this country. HE WILL NOT STEAL. He CAN inspire change and I have my full trust in him.

This campaign has changed our lives so much. It's unreal.

May 10, 2010 is a pivotal day in our country's history. I want the road paved straight that will lead me to a bright future.




Ailee Through the Looking Glass said...

Hi Jiggy, just want to share my own piece on why I'm voting for your Tito Noy: (or

Your family has become a symbol of hope for so many Filipinos, and I'm really glad your tito decided to run for president. I'm hoping for the best this coming May 10, that the best man-- the truly best man-- wins. Because when he does, we all win.

cassandra_martino said...

NoyNoy for President. I must agree that how we were raised by our parents matter a lot on how we are as a person. And for someone who was raised by good parents, I am one of those who believes that NOYNOY AQUINO will be the righteous man for the job. Let's bring change to the Philippines. VOTE for NOYNOY AQUINO!

Therese said...

On May 10 I'm going to vote for Noynoy Aquino because I trust him and I could feel his sincerity in helping our country.Go Noy!

Clark said...

There's no stopping your Uncle Noy's impending victory. I pray that those counting machines would do what they're programmed to well as the people who are going to operate them! Kudos to you Jiggy for doing your part during the campaign...and if God permits, maybe 2 or 3 decades from now you'll be running your own presidential campaign! Hopefully by then, we can look back on this year as the new beginning where we started fulfilling the dreams of NINOY and CORY for the Philippines!

On a side note, for those who weren't able to watch (or want to watch again) your lolo Ninoy's documentary on History Channel, you can now watch it online at

Thanks again Jiggy! ;-)

Pamela said...

God bless us all.

Let the will of God prevail on Monday. :)

Kevin in Manila said...

Your uncle will be in my prayers.

t e i n said... true :D our country needs someone who has the skills to bring us from poverty and economic difficulties, but much more, our country needs someone who can be TRUSTED. Someone whom all Filipinos can assure to be RESPONSIBLE, someone who will NEVER EVER CHEAT and use other people for own sake, someone of GOOD REPUTATION and most of all, someone who knows what is RIGHT from WRONG with the help of God.
..some says, people vote for Sen.Noy because of his parents, but what they don't know is that, "these people" who support Sen.Noy has REAL reasons, and not just because of his name. many others, i supported Sen.Noy because alam ko, HINDI XA CORRUPT at kahit kelan, hindi xa magiging ganun. I trust him because what he does reflects what he is. During campaign, he never threw bad issues sa mga kalaban, hndi xa nanira, he respects everyone even ung mga naninira sakanya. I believe, one good quality of a good president is being religious, and Sen.Noy has it. :D
..HE WILL WIN not because of his name but because of WHAT HE IS. I know he can do so much more for our country. There are so many people who believes in him, and i know he will NEVER FAIL any of them.
..God Bless po Kuya Jiggy. Your family is loved by the whole nation. Stay Safe :DDDDDDD

Lhai Cruz said...

COngratulations to our President elect!!!!
Let us all support him! Wag nating iasa lahat sa gobyerno! Let's do our part!!