Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Favorite Band of all time!!!

I was asked several times before if there was one band that could come here who would it be. I'd always say Dashboard Confessional. Always!

And this Thursday, my dream will finally come true! I finally get to see Chris Carrabba and the guys! Thanks to the wonderful people of Ayala for bringing them here!!! Ahhh... I cannot wait!!! As lovers go, Screaming Infidelties, Saints and Sailors, Don't wait...

Hands down was the first song that made it for me but Vindicated is my favorite song of all time. Coincidence because Spider-Man 2 is my favorite movie of all time. Stolen comes in a very very close second!!!

Dashboard Confessional got me through tough times back in school. Emo na kung emo but they frikkin rock!  Once Chris sings "Hope, dangles on a string"... Damn... baka maiyak ako...

I'll let you guys know how my experience goes :) I'm sure it'll be awesome!!!


Robbie said...

Hahaha.. I saw your tweet regarding the setlist and that someone gave you the link to my site.

Just a heads up that it is not 100% certain that that's the actual setlist for Thursday. But it's the setlist for their After the Ending tour.

Let's enjoy the concert man!!!!

Anonymous said...

..awesome!! have fun later Kuya Jiggy with D.C. :D EXCITING!!!